Are Taco Bell Chicken Wings Just Over The Horizon?!?

Taco Bell Mexican Flavored Chicken Wings Are Coming!?!

Sure looks like a strong possibility! Something good may come out of 2020 yet!

Non-traditional Mexican food on the Taco Bell menu might become more common. It started with the launch of their French fries a couple years ago (with mixed results) and now chicken wings are getting their turn!

“Crispy Chicken Wings”, covered in Mexican seasoning and flanked by a cup of spicy ranch dipping sauce, have been spotted at a Taco Bell outside Anaheim, California!

Using a region in California as a test market for a new menu item is not unheard of for Taco Bell and is the same region they initially launched their French fries. Fast food chains often test new items in a finite market to fine tune the flavoring, packaging and logistics before a massive rollout.

I figured there would be something new in the Taco Bell pipeline after the recent cancelation of so many items off their everyday menu items (R.I.P. Frito Burrito. You shall be missed.)

This lucky YouTuber was able to get his hands on the new Crispy Chicken Wings for a taste!

No confirmed launch date for nation wide release yet, but the Geeky Team will keep our ears to the ground and keep you updated!

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