Walmart’s Exclusive Die Hard John McClane Funko POP! The Best Part Of Christmas In July!

Die Hard is the best Christmas movie of all time! Die Hard is the best action movie of all time!

Now Die Hard is the best Funko POP! of all time as well!

How can anyone not love and root for for America’s favorite beaten down, bloodied foot, hard drinking super cop John McClane!

After all, he made our list of Toughest Johns in Movie History (right between John Winger and John Matrix!)

John McClane is now one of the toughest Funko Pop!‘s of all time as well!

“Yippee Ki Yay Mutha F-er!

The designers at Funko Pop! spared no expense making this Walmart Exclusive John McClane as detailed as possible. From the sweat stained tank top to the 9mm Berretta pistol to glass-cut bloody feet, you can practically hear this vinyl figure engage in witty dialogue with Hans Gruber

I’ve mentioned previously on my site how I don’t really understand the allure of Funko Pop! statues, but I also understand that I am in the minority because, Holy Cow, do these things have a loyal following!

This figure would look right at home on any collector’s bookshelf. Right next to the awesomely entertaining Die Hard Christmas Book released last year.

Available for pre-order now as part of‘s Christmas in July promotion, between Funko Pop!‘s popularity with collectors and Die Hard’s popularity with…well…everyone, this exclusive figure is sure to sell out long before it’s release date of October 9th.

Side Note: Has this Die Hard plot hole gnawed at anyone else’s curiosity over the years?

Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.


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