Geeky Daddy Reviews Mountain Dew Flavored Doritos: The Best Gift Ever!

The wonderfully refreshing taste of Mountain Dew and the crunchy goodness of Doritos: These are a few of my favorite things!

If only these two miraculous flavors could be combined into one snack!

Think of all the useful things I’d be able to accomplish with the time I’d save by using my snack time more efficiently!

Well the mad chemists at Pepsico put their massive minds to work and created the Holy Grail of snacks: Mt. Dew Energized Doritos!

Let’s be honest: The mad scientist PepsiCo are brilliant in what they are able to accomplish with flavors!

I imagine their labs look like some kind of futuristic Bond villain base, probably located on a moon, inside a volcano or something like that.

“Initiate the Alan Parsons Project!”

I swear if PepsiCo labs were given a budget anywhere near what the United States spends annually on defense, PepsiCo labs could have colonized multiple galaxies and probably perfected the food replicators from Star Trek by now.

“Unlimited Mountain Dew!”

But I’ve swerved off track, back to the Mountain Dew Doritos.

The Bad News: The Mountain Dew Doritos are currently only being sold in the wonderful world of Australia! (Who also happens to host the World’s Greatest Mullet Festival)

Hey ladies, I think this one might still be single…

The Good News: Geeky Daddy went to high school an incredible modern day super-hero named Julie who took it upon herself to export some of the Mountain Dew Doritos crunchy goodness (as well as some other Aussie yummies) to the Geeky Family!

There were also a couple Kinder Surprise Eggs, but my 3-year-old made short work of those

So now the answer to the big question: How do they taste? Do they have a citrusy refreshing crunch? Let’s find out!

Well, they are good! The advertised “Lemon Citrus flavour of Mountain Dew” is bold and strong, but not exactly what I expected.

The unexpected part is the overpoweringly strong lime aftertaste. I mean super lime! The aftertaste reminds me of a mojito that was mixed heavy on the lime and real light on the mint.

Overall, the tasty citrus flavor combined well with the tasty crunch. I enjoyed them and would purchase them again…if PepsiCo ever decides to bring the flavor to North America

Once again, special thanks to my friend Julie for shipping me the care package of Aussie goodness.

I also look forward to other future PepsiCo collaborations…

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