The Top 15 Worst Selfies On The Net!

Some People Are Just Bad At Taking Pictures!

Whether it be due to a severe lack of situational awareness or a simple lack of understanding on how basic mirrors (or mirrored sunglasses) work.

And The Internet LOVES These People!

Also, why do these people always think bathrooms full of mirrors make for ideal photography studios?

As all my posts contain affiliate links which may make us eligible for commission on certain purchases, although you would never pay more.

Anyway, Here Are Geeky Daddy’s 15 Worst Selfies Found On The Net!

1 “I got a new gold chain”…until his grandma asks what happened to her purse.

2 “Nothing Sells Jewelry Like Butt Cleavage”

3 The Standard Fake “My Boyfriend Caught Me” Shot

4 The Standard Fake “My Girlfriend Caught me” shot

All jokes aside, that is some impressive toe dexterity and coordination. My foot fingers couldn’t do that!

5 Or this young man’s selfie that implies that his ‘girlfriend’ is…his right hand…

6 The “I’m in a glamorous location” pic…just don’t look at the mirror.

7 Even if you don’t plan on taking a selfie, flushing should still be expected of you…

8 “I’m Lana and I find the whole ‘mirror image’ concept just way too confusing!”

So is that your name or…

9 The “GQ man out on the town” shot….with a cat drinking toilet water

10 Mommies: Never take your sexy selfies during Paw Patrol commercial breaks

11 The “Hey ladies, what you got going on tonight?” shot

I heard this handsome catch is still somehow single!

12 The “When even your kid is sick of your onslaught of selfies” shot

13 The “I don’t think Grandpa is ever going to be a successful food blogger” shot

Ok, so this one is more of an accidental selfie, but never trust an old guy with a camera. You will always find yourself in unflattering ‘action shots’ or monstrosities like this…

14 Don’t Take A Selfie While Doing Your ‘Personal Online Shopping’

15 Remember: Old people are not impressed by your selfie…especially in a bathroom.

As all my posts contain affiliate links which may make us eligible for commission on certain purchases, although you would never pay more.


  1. Ahhhhhahahahah these images are hilarious! How unfortuante! Lesson learned… always check there isn’t a mirror behind you! πŸ˜‰ Sim

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely hilarious. These people are so pitiful, the worst part is that they probably didn’t learn.


  3. Laughed at no. 10 lol! I saw some already on my timeline days ago but I am really cringing on seeing those selfies that are suppose to be not selfies. X_X


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