The Ultimate Dad-Mobile Has Arrived And It Is Awesome!

Source: Rezvani

It is that time of year again. Fantasy football draft strategy programs are getting almost as much TV air time as Paw Patrol re-runs and elementary school drop-off lines everywhere will begin to fill with Han Solo cosplaying moms sipping their Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes.

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My fellow geeky daddies and I can choose to ride the wave of estrogen and join the herd of soccer mom mini-vans in the school drop-off lines or we can choose to drop our kids off at school looking like we just took a detour off of Mad Max’s Fury Road!

Well Meet The Ultimate Dad-Mobile: The All-New Rezvani Tank X!

Source: Rezvani

This “off-road supercar” and world’s most powerful SUV is guaranteed to stand out and get noticed amongst the sea of beige Chrysler Caravans. The straight edges and beefed up look make the Rezvani Tank X look more modern fighter jet than suburban SUV.

This monster of a vehicle began life as a Jeep JL Wrangler before the team at Rezvani California got their hands on it and equipped this war wagon to ride straight through Judgement Day and combat the rise of the machines!

Source: Rezvani

Obviously there are multiple option packages available on this chariot (the starting sticker price for the Rezvani Tank X is $349,000), but the loaded for bear version, which we are unofficially labelling the “Operator As F Edition“, comes equipped with:

  • Electromagnetic Pulse Protection” that provides “military tested protection from electromagnetic pulses (EMP), coronal mass ejection (CME) and all forms of power surges” ($2,500 package)
  • Thermal Night Vision ($6,500 package)
  • Black Vue Cameras” that continuously stream footage into the cloud as a backup of your Tank excursions (reasonable $500 package)
  • Motion Sensors that begin recording if someone approaches the vehicle when it’s parked.
  • Center Console Safe for storing your sidearm when you need to valet park while visiting the symphony or opera ($950 package)
  • Starry Night Headliner” that turns the inside of the roof into a mass of LEDs designed to look like the night sky ($6,200 package)
  • 1000 Horsepower 6.2-liter Supercharged V8 – A more powerful version than the one currently fitted for the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (drag race version of the Hellcat)
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tank that adds an additional 20 gallon tank to the existing 20 gallon tank ($7,500 package)

With all these options (in addition to the Ultimate Sound System Package), the loaded Rezvani Tank X we built on their site came to a mere $423,335!

But you can’t put a price on fun, right?

If you are curious, the vehicles are made to order with a build time of 12 to 16 weeks depending on chosen option packages. So getting your hands on one before the start of the school year is not likely.

The previous version of the Rezvani Tank has been owned by people who really know how to blend into the background and not be noticed, such as the actor Jamie Foxx and the singer/woman beater (alleged) Chris Brown.

Blends into any environment like a chameleon

The starting sticker price for the Military Edition Rezvani Tank X is $295,000 and, since I know what you are thinking, yes… It is bulletproof.

Skip ahead to around the 14 minute mark to see the vehicle being shot at the gun range.

If you are interested in building your own, head over to and build your own custom Rezvani Tank X!



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