Top 8 Awesome Nintendo Themed Gift Ideas

Those that have been following our site for a while, know we are big fans of anything Nintendo!

I bumped into a friend at the mall the other day and he asked me for some Nintendo themed gift suggestions, so here we go:

Geeky Daddy’s Top 8 Nintendo Themed Gift Ideas!

1 PIX Digital Customizable Backpack

The PIX Digital Customizable Backpack is not ‘Nintendo Specific’, but who can argue with the awesome Super Mario avatar on the pack!

This entire rear side of this backpack is an ambient digital screen which allows you to display a variety of pre-loaded pictures/animations/widgets and games or unleash your creativity by creating your own!

Just sync it with your IOS/Android smartphone and you can write, draw and literally play right on your backpack.

2 Vintage Nintendo Gameboy Patent Wall Art Print

I think pretty much every kid born in the late 70’s and 80’s had one of these original GameBoy handheld gaming consoles at one point or another.

Patent designs are beautiful, fun ways to class up any man cave, dorm room, office cubicle, bathroom…pretty much any wall anywhere.

Bring a little history to your walls with this beautiful wall art and celebrate the design & ingenuity depicted in these patents.

3 Gameboy iPhone Case With 36 Playable Retro Games

This amazing looking iPhone case is also a working Gameboy with 36 pre-loaded playable retro games!

The durable iPhone case doubles as your full-color mini time machine back to the 90’s.

This Gambeboy/iPhone case has a built-in high quality lithium battery, only takes 1 hour to fully charge and can last up to 5 hours.

4 FreezerBoy GameBoy refrigerator Stickers

If you don’t have a special nostalgic place in your heart for Nintendo’s original GameBoy, you are not a true geek. 

Level Up your favorite kitchen appliance with this set of FreezerBoy six large removable magnets will turn any appliance into your new home for 80’s nostalgic memory. The ‘screen’ doubles as a 16″ by 12″ dry erase board.  

5 Ematic Paw Patrol’s Nintendo Switch Carrying Case 

Obviously, this selection is geared towards a slightly younger audience than most other selections, but with so many of our followers having young children that are in love with A) Paw Patrol and B) Nintendo Switch, we had to have something for them.

This hard shelled Paw patrol Nintendo Switch case is the perfect way to protect your child’s Nintendo Switch from the inevitable drops, falls and punts your child will surely put it through.

The slim light weight case also has 8 slots to store games and a clear screen protector for the game console itself. Perfectly fits into any backpack, purse or diaper bag, which makes it perfect for vacations, car rides, plane rides or fussy kids at restaurant tables.

Side Note: This product is available from Walmart (online or in store pick-up) or for slightly less re-furbished from

6 Bumkins Nintendo Silicone Teether

Any Nintendo fans creating a Baby Registry? These Nintendo themed silicone baby teethers are a must!

Our first baby, Lil’ G-Man, loved his Bumkins Nintendo controller baby teether. He enjoyed the soft texture and we loved how bacteria resistant it was.

There are many brands of baby teethers, but few have a better reputation than Bumkins

7 Gameboy 100 Page Notebook

Get back to school off right with this 100 page lined notebook based on the timeless look of the classic Nintendo GameBoy!

I feel this entry had a short description, but…I mean…it’s a notebook. There is not much else to say.

8 High Point Nintendo Men’s 2 Pack Crew Socks

Remember when we were kids and we thought socks were the worst possible gift to receive? Well now printed socks like these are en vogue!

These crew cut socks feature printed Nintendo Classic controllers and are sure fire way to geek out any attire. Formal, casual or anything in between!

What did you think of our Top 8 Nintendo Themed Gift Ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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As with all our other posts, this article does contain affiliate links where if you make a purchase, we may be eligible for a commission.



  1. I know my boyfriend will love that patent wall art, I’ll have to keep this in mind for his birthday! Although I am NOT showing him the fridge sticker, cause he’d definitely get it lol.


  2. What fun Nintendo-themed gift ideas! I love the Gameboy phone case with retro games. That’s just too darn fun!


  3. Love these ideas! My brother and I always used to fight over who got to play our original Nintendo Gameboy! Saving this for Christmas because that vintage print would be the perfect gift for him! And that baby teether is so cute — we actually gave it as a gift for a friend!


  4. That backpack is insane!!!! I have a plush Nintendo controller but my cat stole it and plays with it so its hers now. Thouse socks though- i may have to buy those! Have you been to the rocket in Ferndale? I bet there’s some cool stuff there for a part 2!


    1. Love all these Nintendo-themes gift ideas! The fridge stick-ons are great. Makes me nostalgic and also sad that my kids will never know the frustration and ultimate joy of blowing in the Nintendo game cartridge to get it to work, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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