Geeky Daddy’s “OMG! Did They Really Make That!?!” List 2.0

A few months ago I made a quick “OMG Did They Really Make That Product!?!” list and it has unexpectedly become one of my best performing posts of 2019 so far.

Well, just like in Hollywood, if something performs well, there must be a sequel!

Here is Geeky Daddy’s Top Ten “OMG Did They Really Make That Product!?!” List 2.0!

1 Back To The Future Re-make With Jim Carrey

Is this real?


This movie poster blew up the internet when it came out last year and while this is a neat idea for a future Netflix project, this is simply a well done fan-made poster by David Miniatures

2 Garlic Flavored Coca-Cola

Is this real?


While there is not an actual Coca-Cola brand garlic cola, Takkola brand garlic soda is a real thing in the Aomori region of Japan. Takko, a small town in Aomori, is known as the ‘Garlic Capital of Japan’ because every July so much garlic is harvested that the odor permeates the village.

Aside from making it the safest area on Earth from potential vampire attacks, this also makes for some interesting food chemistry ideas. Including garlic ice cream, garlic beer and Takkola garlic cola (Takko + cola = Takkola)

3 How To Speak To Your Cat About Gun Safety Book

Is this real?

Yes, scarily enough, it is!

According to Amazon: For over four decades, the American Association of Patriots have stood at the vanguard of our country’s defense by helping to prepare our nation’s cat owners for the difficult conversations they dread having with their pets. Written in a simple Q&A format, How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety answers crucial questions such as, “What is the right age to talk to my cat about the proper use of firearms?” and “What are the benefits of my cat living a lifestyle of abstinence?” and especially “Why does my cat need to use the internet? Can’t he just play with yarn like cats used to do?”

4 Lindsay Lohan’s Video Game

Is this Real?

Another sort of…

While there is no Lindsay Lohan’s Bright Future for Nintendo (or, arguably, real life), there is a Lindsay Lohan’s The Price Of Fame mobile game for ios and Android.

Similar (but more tongue-in-cheek) to a previously released Kardashian, The Price Of Fame sees the actress shepherding a new Hollywood celebrity along the path to ultimate fame. Players can purchase new outfits and accessories for their celebrity avatar and earn coins by building a following. That’s done by swiping upward on a touchscreen (insert immature joke here) in order to gain fans.

5 Offensive Crayons

Is this real?


These 24 assorted colors are labeled to offend and meant to be enjoyed by anyone frustrated with today’s polarized government.

With color names ranging from “Irrelevant Third Party Green” to “Hate Crime Hoax Hazel”, the Offensive Crayons Red, White and F– You (political) Edition should definitely NOT make it into your kid’s back to school shopping list.

6 Condom Size Chart

Is this real?

YES (and I was surprised as well)

I doubted the legitimacy of this image when the comedian/actor Johnny Knoxville tweeted it. Mostly because, why would any manufacturer encourage people to whip out their junk and test it in the middle of an aisle in the Walmart pharmacy?

Condoms do come in multiple sizes for comfort and health reasons and it is important to get the right size. With that in mind, Condom manufacturer Pasante does distribute card stock condom size guides!

They are sold in packs of 5 for around 2.5 British Pounds (about $3 USD) on their website. The circles are graphics and not actual cut outs, but why they are only sold in packs of 5? You got me…

7 Donald Trump Presidential Gold Coin

Is this real?

Surprisingly YES

Just to clarify, I am not surprised there is a President Trump Presidential coin (all presidents have them). The part that surprised me is that the profile sculpt they printed is such an unflattering one!

This 2017 Donald Trump gold plated collectible coin is one of many different collectible commemorative gold coins available. It is the same size and weight as a half dollar, comes with a coin box, certificate of authenticity and a promise that it has never been touched by human hands…or at least by Democrats…

The most interesting part about this item to me is that no where in the Amazon description does it say “made in the USA”…

8 Wendy’s Meat Flavored Soda

Is this a real:

No, but I would sure as hell buy it if it was!

Hot take of the day: I think Wendy’s makes the best fast food hamburger. (I also do not live in a market with an In N’ Out Burger)

Too bad their fries suck…

There is a really talented comedian named Jeff Wysaski who creates awesome funny product parodies and distributes them in local stores. Why? Because he is simply awesome!

I just want to know how to quantify “a hint of ketchup.”

9 Thunder Tank Ride-On With Working Cannon and Rotating Turret!

Is this real?


This 24 volt Ride-On has a working cannon that fires projectiles and a swivel machine gun with lights and sounds! It is a Walmart exclusive and not cheap (how often do you hear ‘Walmart’ & ‘Not Cheap’ together?), but this 2 person Ride-On Thunder Tank is the dream gift for all young brothers out there!

As a dad of 2 young boys, there is no better way to spend $398!

10 Bottled Human Tears

Is this real?


Even though geeks everywhere could have filled up pallets of these bottles at the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame, the bottled Human Tears is simply another masterpiece from the creative mind of Jeff Wysaski.

Here are a few more of his creations:

Well, what did you think of our second OMG Did they really make that product!?! list 2.0?

Did any surprise you? Not surprise you?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. You, my friend, are a genius. I couldn’t believe that any of these things exist, especially the crayons. Thanks for the eye opening post. I’ll stay tuned for 3.0.


  2. hello, this list got me scratching my head. I want to try the meat flavored soda and garlic Coca-Cola.
    the offensive crayons though. wow


  3. What the heck would you do with garlic coke except putting it in BBQ? The things people come up with can be a bit odd but hey never know until you try it. Garlic coke ribs do sound tempting.


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