Best Fantasy Football Team Names For 2019!

I love fantasy football!

Fantasy sports are like Dungeons and Dragons for the dudes that used to make fun of the dudes that played Dungeons and Dragons in high school!

But then there are the Medieval Combat League combatants. Those dudes are as hardcore s they come!

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The hardest part of Fantasy Football pre-season is actually drafting your team.

The 2nd hardest part of Fantasy Football pre-season is deciding what to name your team. You want it to be humorous but still strike fear into the heart of your opponent.

Names like “It Ertz When Eifert” or “Hyde & Zeke” sound cool, but unless those particular players are on your roster, it is just kinda weird. (Except ‘It Ertz When Eifert’….That is just awesome. Props to Twitter user @MrMarcott for thinking that one up.)

credit: Bleacher Report

With so many big name players changing teams this year (Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell…) there are a ton of new possibilities for new creative team names!


Here are some of the best names I’ve seen so far for 2019! (Somewhat broken down by categories)

Music Inspired:

Little Red Fournette

Brady Gaga

Dak and Yellow

All About the Benjamins

Can’t Stop That Thielen

Hooked on a Thielen

Guns ‘n’ Rosen

Julio Let The Dogs Out

Nuthin’ But a Jimmy G Thang

Dakstreet Boys

Tevin Can Wait

Here’s to You, Allen Robinson

Stairway to Tevin

99 Problems But a Fitz Ain’t One

Turn Down For Watt

Pimpin’ Ain’t Breesy

Le’Veon A Prayer

Ginn and Juice

Return of the Mack

Gurleys Just Want to Have Fun

Baby Got Dak

Zeke & Destroy

Country Roads Take Mahomes

Movie Inspired:

Trubisky Business

It’s Good to be Trubisky

Beauty & The Beast Mode

Lights, Kamara, Action

Laces Out

Saving Matt Ryan

Forgetting Brandon Marshall

Baker Mayfield of Dreams

The Replacements

Inglorious Bradfords

Say Watt Again, I Dare You!

Any Given Sunday

Dirty Dozen

Go Ahead, Make My DeSean

League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Conner Air

Dak To The Future

North by North Wentz

12 Angry Men

Suicide Squad

Internet Inspired:

Hyde your kidz, Hyde your wife

It Ertz When Eifert

Death Ertz-tificate

2 Gurleys, 1 Kupp

T.V. Inspired:

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Game of Throws

Fake News

Captain Kirks

Prescott Your Luck/ Press Your Luck

The Guice Is Right

Law & Odell

Miami Guice

Dalvin & The Chipmunks

Dad Joke Inspired:

Turn your head and Goff

Greatest Show on Paper

The Kamara Adds 10 Pounds

Dr. James Andrews’ Retirement Fund

Head & Shoulder Injuries

Victorious Secret

Hot Lockett

Sutton’s Goin’ Down

Just Say Wentz

Bad JuJu

Golladay Inn Express

That’s Amari!

Beginner’s Luck


At Witten’s End

The Mixon Administration

Of Guice And Men

Dude, You’re Getting Odell!

Golden Tate Warriors

Watch What You Saquon!

Can You Diggs It!?!

Which Fantasy Football Team Names are your favorites? What do you plan on naming your team this season? Comment below!

Good luck with your drafts everyone! 



  1. Considering you could choose any of the “Ralph Breaks the Internet” (My kid’s fave movie at the moment) team logos, I truly felt the name of “Sugar CRUSH” was pretty clever lol. Vanellope is my team’s logo, Vanellope is one of the main characters in the movie as a video game character, and her game is called Sugar Rush. So, (my truly “Gurley” 🤣 side is showing) I thought the name was pretty damn clever and cute ! #MovieInspired
    But man there’s some truly awesome and hilarious names out there! Best of luck in your leagues everyone!


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