Entire Southwest Flight To San Diego Given Free Nintendo Switches

Southwest Arlines kicked off their “Summer of Surprises” promotion the right way by giving away Nintendo Switches and copy’s of Super Mario Maker 2‘s to an entire flight of San Diego bound passengers.

The give away was a cross promotion with Nintendo and obviously timed to coincide with the San Diego Comic-Con which takes place this week.

If you are sorry that you missed out on the surprise promotion, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Many of these Nintendo Switches are sure to find their way onto ebay before long.

Passengers on the Nintendo themed plane were also given a download code for a special Southwest Airlines-themed level of Super Mario Maker 2.

“With the help of Southwest, we brought smiles to an entire plane full of people,” said Nick Chavez, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We hope that spirit of fun lasts for a long time, as now everyone on the flight has a Nintendo Switch system and Super Mario Maker 2 to play at home or on their future travels.”

Southwest Airlines has always been one of the more unconventional airlines in the industry with their takes on how marketing, compensation and corporate structure can be run.

Fortunately the giveaway did not take place aboard a Spirit Airlines flight. Who knows how much they would have charged in carry on fees for the small gaming units…

How many of the first 17 Nintendo gaming systems did you previously own?



  1. Wow! I’m wishing I’d been on that flight! I had most of the early Nintendo Models, from the Super Nintendo, up to the GameCube. But I have had a PlayStation more recently. I’ve been wanting to test out the Switch though.


  2. That is absolutely amazing! How fabulous for the passengers! We are lucky to get free water on most of the UK airlines! Sim


  3. Such a good marketing idea. I cut my teeth on the SNES back in the day when my brother got one for Christmas when he was five years old. So, this takes me back.


  4. That’s such a fun giveaway – I’m sure that was one of the happiest flights that any of them have ever travelled on lol Even if they were having a bad day up to that moment, their mood was quickly heightened lol


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