The 15 Best Captain America Comic Book Covers

The Fourth of July is the most patriotic of American holidays. So naturally, comic books fans like myself, love to associate the day with Captain America, the most patriotic of American comic book heroes.

But let’s remember, many other nations also have national treasures that are ‘Captains’ as well. Such as Captain America’s ally Captain Britain and our friendly neighbors to the North have Captain Canuck.

Our lower half that tried to move out of our house in the 1860’s even have Captain Confederacy! (No really, I looked it up).

Assuming this had a small print run…

But there is only one true Captain that can inspire the way Captain America does! When city council member Lan Diep was sworn in, guess who’s shield he brought with him!

This dude is awesome!

I love the art genre of comic book cover art! The incredible detail work along with mixtures of pencils, painting and CGI have created a new sub-genre in the comic book collecting world.

So this Fourth of July, let’s take a look at some 15 of the Best Captain America Comic Book Covers!

(As with all my articles, post may contain affiliates.)

Cap Vol 4 #4

Captain America pays a visit to Arlington National Cemetery to pay his respects.

Captain America Vol 4 #1

John Cassaday’s comic book covers look like movie posters for Hollywood movies I really want to see.

Captain America Annual #8

This iconic cover by Mike Zeck of Wolverine‘s Adamantium claws going toe-to-toe with Cap’s Vibranium shield has been reproduced into more T-shirts than pretty much any other image in comic book history.

Captain America #450

Mark Waid and Ron Garney’s run on Captain America in the mid 1990’s is one of the most under-rated eras in Cap’s history. Waid’s story telling meshed so well with Garney’s ‘Golden Age’ style artwork. I mean, just check out the size of that chin! Sgt. Slaughter and Bill Cowher have nothing on Cap!

Captain America: Living Legend #1

If you think those look like Russian soldiers fighting along side the ‘Son of Liberty’, you are correct. This story, featuring beautiful artwork by Adi Granov, involved a flashback of Cap storming a Nazi castle in WWII with some (then) Soviet Allies.

Cap 705 Mike Zeck Variant

There will be a few more Mike Zeck covers on this list as I view him as one of the best cover artists in the history of comics.

Cap Vol 1 # 383

Jim Lee is my favorite penciller of all time and Ron Lim pencilled one of the best Cap runs of all time. These 2 artists collaborated for this iconic image.

Cap vol 9 # 1

Is there a better painter working in the comic book industry than Alex Ross? I can’t think of one

Captain America #332

The colors that never run…or do they? This cover image (again by the great Mike Zeck) comes from a terrific story arc where Steve Rogers became so frustrated with the United States government (Golly, how could that happen?) the he decided to step away from being Captain America for a while.

Captain America #1

While Alex Ross is my favorite painter in the comic book industry, Joe Jusko is no slouch…

Cap 25 Adam Hughes cover

I’m not a huge variant cover fan (I view it as a money grab by the publishers) but this 1 in 50 variant by Adam Hughes of Cap bursting through the ice could change my mind.

Cap Vol I 284

Another great Mike Zeck cover showcasing Cap watching over old glory

Captain America #19

This was the final issue of Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting and Frank D’Armata’s (the best colorist in the industry) incredible run on the title. The colorist is a vital component to comic book art and has gone under appreciated for so long, having not received cover credits until the past couple years.

Cap Road To War Variant #1

Francis Mattina has been under a lot of heat recently (I think deservedly so) for possible plagiarism, but you can’t deny that this accomplished artist has incredible talent.

Captain America Comics #1

You knew this was going to be #1 on the list! Not only is this Captain America’s 1st appearance, but it also has him punching Hitler in the face, which believe it or not was actually a controversial image at the time.

Captain America’s co-creator Jack Kirby was no fan of fascism or Nazism (later fighting in the European theater during World War II) and took some heat from isolationist like Henry Ford for having Cap punching Hitler in the face 9 months prior to the United States entering WWII.

Honorable Mention:

Uncanny X-Men #268

Another classic Marvel cover that has been repurposed into T-shirts, posters and other merchandise is this Jim Lee image of the stoic trio of Captain America, Wolverine and the Black Widow. The only reaason this is an honorable mention and not on the actual list is because it is the cover of an Uncanny X-Men issue and not a Captain America cover.

Dishonorable Mention:

Captain America (1996) #1

Seriously, how does Rob Liefeld continue to get work? I could give a Crayola to a hungry toddler and get a sketch with better proportions.

Captain America and all related images are copyright Marvel Entertainment.

What did you think of our list of classic Captain America comic book covers?

Comment below with your suggestions of any issues we may have missed.



  1. Fantastic graphics – thanks for sharing. I know a guy who works on Marvel covers and the insides (I think). He’s a talented artist and I had the pleasure of interviewing him for my next book. It’s brilliant that comics are still big business, especially in this digital age we live in.


  2. Wow that’s an amazing list! My favourite is the Living Legend one, but I loved the trivia about the first appearance being controversial! Didn’t know that!


  3. I totally agree with your dishonourable mention. Even before I read what you said, I was like, wtf is going on with that chest, but the comment about the crayola was gold!

    Captain America isn’t my favourite Marvel character, but I enjoyed the post. Thanks


  4. What an amazing list of comic books covers. it is so nice that you sharing from the latested to oldest ones. it is great to see how comic have changed over the years. thanks for sharing.


  5. Really good choices. I love the covers where he is in mid-fight versus posing. And that ever-present shield is always a crucial element to get right as well.


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