Wild Baby Kangaroo Still Comes Home To Hug His Teddy Bear!

I wrote about some serious craziness in the world this past week.

Between the spoiled Instagram idiots and the woman arrested for drunk driving a child’s Power Wheels down the road, I was beginning to lose faith in the world!

But then along comes something so cute and “aaawwww” inducing that it restores hope for this tainted orb we call home.

That something is a baby kangaroo that still periodically comes home after his release to hug his teddy bear!

The bear is tied up at a “huggable height.”

Doodlebug is a baby kangaroo that was rescued by New South Wales wildlife rehabilitator Gillian Abbot when he was just 2 months old. She gave him the teddy bear to cuddle with at that time.

Now almost fully grown, he is making another life transition, what animal-rescuers call a “soft return” to the wild. (Basically, that means he comes and goes as he pleases.)

And when he returns home, he loves to empty his food bowl and hug his favorite stuffed animal…just like real teenagers do when they return home from college!

Awwww….faith in our world successfully restored…for now. Just not in humanity.

If you love cute kangaroos but prefer not to deal with the random fertilizations that accompany wild animals, I suggest this 3 ft tall Melissa & Doug Giant Kangaroo and Baby Joey available at Melissa And Doug’s Official Website!


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  1. What an awesome name for a Kangaroo!!! That image is one of the cutest things I have seen! 🙂 Sim


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