6 Of The Dumbest Petitions Currently on Social Media

The world of social media is a crazy and wondrous place isn’t it?

It is a world where you can articulate an idea, no matter how asinine, poorly thought out or mind-numbingly stupid it may be, and people will still pick it up and run with it as if it were etched on a tablet by god on top of Mount Sanai.

Where else can masses of stupid people congregate together and say so much while accomplishing so little? Well, where else besides Washington D.C. that is…

Normally my list consist of “The Top…” but in this case, the potential suggestions were so numerous, I just can’t say these are the “top” ones.

Here is a list of Geeky Daddy’s 6 Dumbest Petitions Currently On Social Media:

6 Petition To Put Scooby Doo’s Shaggy in Mortal Kombat 11

What did Shaggy do to piss off over 300,000 of the Scooby Doo fanbase to the point that they want to see Sub-Zero rip him in half!?!

No, not that Shaggy!

Last I checked, over 1/3 of a million people want to see our favorite stoner…oops… I mean Scooby Snack devourer, get slaughtered!

The Mortal Kombat video game series has a long history of utilizing characters licensed from other franchises, including Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and the Predator. And since Scooby Doo and Mortal Kombat are both under the Warner Bros umbrella of properties, I guess it is not outside the realm of possibility.

5 Petition To Make The Joker Gay

I am all for inclusion and diversity in the world of comic books. It creates venues for new dramatic storylines and forces writers to be creative by not simply re-hashing the same tired old tropes we read all too often.

But I am not in favor of revising a character to be gay simply for the sake trying to exploit a target minority and sell a few more issues.

Changing the sexual orientation of an established character with a decades long history simply for the sake of “inclusion” or because you feel that a minority is lacking representation in a certain medium is not the way to go about it.

Especially with a character as popular and iconic as The Joker, whose history dates all the way back to Batman #1 in the Spring of 1940!

Anyone who wants to read a LGBT comic book character done well should check out J. H. Williams’ run on Batwoman!

In the series, Kate Kane was drummed out of the United States Marine Corps for being a lesbian and refusing to narc out another female soldier with whom she was in a relationship.

She later finds herself in Gotham City where Batman rescues her from an attempted rape outside a night club. She uses that event as an epiphany of sorts and decides: If she can’t protect the weak on a battlefield as a United States Marine, then she will do it as a vigilante on the streets!

Her sexual orientation is tied directly into the development of her character’s origin and has been since her character’s inception.

4 Petition To Erase Star Wars Last Jedi From the Canon

Let me be clear: I look at Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi with the same disdain an authentic Italian chef would look at a can Chef Boyardee:

Yes, it is pasta in tomato sauce, but no it is not an “Italian meal”.

Just for a point of reference

If The Last Jedi were a stand alone sci-fi movie and not part of the Star Wars universe, it would have been an alright film. The plot still would have had lots of problems and the ‘romance’ between Rose and Finn would still have felt extremely forced and out of left field, but alright.

“Can you feel the love tonight?”

However, in my opinion, in the Star Wars mythos, all the film succeeded in doing was undoing so much of what the previous film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, did so well (create new interesting characters, build up a new powerful villain, build a mysterious history for a new hero,…)!

The film still grossed $620 million domestically and over $1.3 billion (with a “B”) worldwide! Those numbers mean that many people saw it multiple times, so some people somewhere must have liked it.

I am not one of them and I am entitled to my opinion, however I am NOT entitled to force that opinion upon others. I am simply not that important. My negative opinion of the film doesn’t make me right or wrong. And even if it did, why should Disney (Star Wars owner) care?

Although we did get all these wonderful recipes for cooking Porg!

Why would any movie studio remove the eighth highest grossing domestic movie of all time from its canon? From a logistical point of view, how would they even do it? Have Thanos show up and create an alternate timeline? Come on people! Let this pipe dream go.

3 Petition To Cast Kristen Stewart As Catwoman In Robert Pattinson’s Batman Movie

The internet done lost its damn mind the other week when Warner Bros confirmed Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in their new upcoming Batman movie. As I said previously in my post about the casting, I am willing to take a ‘wait and see’ approach with this news.

I have never seen the Twilight films (if I am going to watch a vampire movie, it will only be with Wesley Snipes hunting them while be hunted himself by the IRS), but I would hate it if this young man’s career was ruined because he was forced to read horrible, uninspired dialogue that he had zero control over. (Looking at you Hayden Christensen)

My lack of first-hand Twilight knowledge aside, nothing I have read about the series leads me to believe that there was any kind of incredible on-screen chemistry between Pattinson and love interest Kristen Stewart. So why would audiences want to see the same pairing again?

I guess they dated in real life, but that didn’t translate well on screen.

And for that matter, what producer/director would let an online petition influence, much less directly affect, their casting choice for a lead role in a film that the studio is already going to have under a microscope anyway (thanks to the polarization of Zack Snyder’s previous films)? Not happening.

2 Petition For Danny DeVito to play Wolverine

This is by far the most humorous of all the petitions on the list!

My only question: Why have only 42,000 people signed this amazing change.org petition!

While the 74-year-old (He looks like he has been in his 70’s since the mid 1980’s, doesn’t he?) veteran movie and television actor Danny DeVito may not have the voice, build, screen presence, good looks or box office draw of the departing Hugh Jackman, he does have the height of Wolverine according to the original comic book source material.

If Marvel Studios were to some day branch off into “parody” films, then who knows, this possible casting could potentially grow legs! Maybe an Old Man Logan from an alternate Earth?

1 Petition For Netflix To Cancel A Show That Isn’t Even Theirs.

More than 20,000 petitioners can’t be wrong, right?

Well actually, they can be …

More than 20,000 Christians have signed a petition calling for streaming service Netflix to cancel the program Good Omens, the television series adapted from Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s 1990 fantasy novel. The biblical inspired story centers around an unlikely team-up of an angel and a demon who attempt to prevent the coming of the anti-christ and Armageddon (not the Bruce Willis movie, although that should have been prevented as well).

The only problem being that Good Omens is not carried by Netflix, it was developed, produced and streamed exclusively by Netflix‘s prime competitor, Amazon Prime! (See what I did there?)

Not the big bold “Amazon Original” words at the top!

Just to show what good sports the team over at Amazon Prime were about the whole situation however, they did offer to cancel the upcoming season of Netflix‘s popular show Stranger Things.

Well, that is my list.

What are some other petitions you have seen online that blow your mind?

Please check out some of my previous lists on the site and make sure to share them with your friends!



  1. Hahaha I pay to see danny devito play wolverine! Also that Netflix petition is hilarious. Good for Netflix though that people first think of them for a streaming site!


  2. They are so funny but of course the last one is my favorite. Man, the internet is giving us everything. The internet humor is just so me. Thanks for this! A lot of laughs


  3. My husband was just telling me about the Good Omen petition yesterday. That’s crazy. People will petition about anything, I guess!


  4. So most of these I know nothing about because I’m not into Star Wars, comic/Marvel movies, etc. (I know, I’m boring. My husband would tell you this himself 🤪). But I still got a good laugh, especially the Danny DeVito one LOL. The Star Wars one my husband told me about. He absolutely hated the last movie so while it’s highly unlikely he would start a petition, I think he might sort of agree lol.


  5. These are all pretty silly especially Danny De Vito as Wolverine. However, I wouldn’t probably go see it. lol! You also can’t forget the petition going around to change the date of Halloween. I find it so ridiculous! 🙂


  6. Some of these are ridiculous! LOL Shaggy wouldn’t even have a chance in Mortal Kombat. I like Kristen Stewart’s acting in other movies (because Twilight was awful acting for most of the actors/actresses), but she wouldn’t be a good Catwoman at all. I can’t believe people want Danny DeVito to be Wolverine. LOL & the Good Omens petition is absolutely hilarious! I could have sworn that whenever I see the trailer it has Amazon on it. LOL

    On a side note, I am kind of excited about the Batwoman series! Awesome round up post!

    Liked by 1 person

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