Geeky Daddy’s Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Wow fellow ‘Geek Dads’! Father’s Day is right around the corner!

The ‘Geeky Household’ has been busy with baby #2’s arrival this week. After a bit of a stressful week, I am proud and relived to say that the Geeky Family has expanded and baby Lincoln and Geeky Mommie are both finally home safe, healthy and resting.

We appreciated the response we got from our “Geeky Daddy Needs Help Naming A Baby” article, I as much a history geek and anything else, and we decided on the name Lincoln.

It wasn’t until a few people asked me where my list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas was that I realized how soon Father’s Day is!

Last year’s Geeky Daddy’s Top Ten Father’s Day Gift Ideas was one of my most viewed post from all of 2018, so the bar has been set high! Especially with it only being a few days away!

As with last year’s list, I tried to include multiple ‘Geeky Genres’ and price points.

Without further ado, here is Geeky Daddy’s Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Geek Dad in your life!

CAR GEEK DAD: A is for Alternator: ABC Book of Auto Parts

You are not a true ‘Car Geek’ unless you raise your child with your same love for automobiles and automobile customizations as you have.

We miss you Paul Walker

A is for Alternator: ABC Book of Auto Parts teaches your child the Alphabet and introduces automotive parts in the process.

TECH GEEK DAD: Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light

Nobody wants to wake up their spouse on their 3 AM trips to bathroom. This motion activated USB-rechargable LED night light is the perfect answer to late night nature calls! The 16 different fun colors make this perfect for potty training those stubborn toddlers as well!

GOLF GEEK DAD: Golf Putting Pool Table

Need something to entertain ‘golf loving dad’ on rainy days like today? How about this indoor Golf Putting Pool Table!

Fun for the whole family (regardless of age or skill level), this easy to set up versatile game is the perfect combination of the game of pool and golf. Teach your kids hand-eye coordination, game strategy and basic trigonometry during the day and have some interesting drinking games with the guys at night.

This creative play set comes with the durable felt-like fabric mat, 2 set of clubs, 16 balls, ball rack and rails!

MARVEL GEEK DAD: Thanos Gauntlet & Thor’s Hammer Bottle Openers

This Super Swag Thanos Gauntlet shaped bottle opener is electroplated retro copper color & shaped to successfully vanish any beer bottle cap (screw off or otherwise).

Or if you feel your father is ‘worthy’, there is Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir bottle opener!

Mjolnir is rust-free & durable iron plate, it is solid enough to crack walnuts, it also could be the self-protection tool you need when you walk in the dark alone. I wouldn’t recommend it for that, but that is what the packaging says none the less.


Every father of a toddler has received the unintentional head butt to the groin at least once. The severity of which can vary between “extremely humorous” to “No more children.”

Thankfully, Frida (the makers of the disgusting but effective Nose Frida) saw this problem and addressed it with their latest invention: Frida Balls!

The Frida Balls feature HEIRLOOM CONSERVATION TECHNOLOGY – briefs designed to protect both your [Frida]Balls + your lineage with a reinforced protective pouch. The foam cup softens the blows from surprise heel bonks, head butts and whiffle ball bats.

STAR TREK GEEK DAD: Blue Tooth Communicator Badge

Every dad has had the “Well I told you about that” conversation with his wife/girlfriend at some point. Most go something like this:

Mom: “Don’t act like you didn’t hear me tell you about that!”

Dad: “When do you think you told me about that?”

Mom: “The other day while I was upstairs drying my hair and you were in the backyard doing lawn work!”

Well, (almost) never have these communication breakdowns again with this officially licensed Star Trek The Next Generation Communicator Badge!

This top rated gift by Star Trek fans not only offers realistic sounds that will make you believe you are onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, but the built in microphone, speaker and Blue Tooth allow it to work with any smart phone.

Stream music, communicate with Siri, Google, Alexa or Cortana (Does anyone actually use Cortana?) or coordinate who is picking up the kids from soccer practice all while cos-playing as your favorite Stare Trek:TNG character!

STAR WARS GEEK DAD: Star Wars BBQ Accessories

Ask any real dad where he would like to be Summer Sunday evenings, and he will tell you BBQ’ing on the back deck.

Ask any read Geek Dad where he would like to be any Summer Sunday evening, and he will tell you “watching Star Wars…unless it is The Last Jedi”

Well surprise dad this Sunday by combining his 2 favorite non-football season Sunday evening activities with these Star Wars themed grilling ensemble of options

Star Wars Lightsaber Tongs!

Two things all guys love are grilling and making lightsaber sounds while doing whatever it is that we are doing.

These 22″ BBQ lightsaber tongs make their own authentic lightsaber sounds leaving dad free to concentrate on not burning dinner!

Star Wars Darth Vader Grilling Apron

Enhance your Dark side grilling powers with this machine washable officially licensed Star Wars Darth Vader Apron.

Star Wars Dark Side Grilling Mitt and Lightsaber Fork

Complete the Star Wars themed grilling ensemble kit with thus Star Wars themed mitt and fork grilling set! The mitt resembles Darth Vader’s signature gloves, and fork handle is modeled after a lightsaber hilt.

What was your favorite selection of our Geeky Daddy Father’s Day Themed Gift Idea list? Let us know in the comments below.

Note to readers: If you purchase something through one of our affiliate links, Geeky Daddy may be eligible for a commission.



  1. Congratulations to the Geeky family! Baby Lincoln is adorable! I love all of these gifts and want some of them for myself, especially the Star Trek Communicator and the Gauntlet bottle opener.


  2. Congratulations on baby #2! In the spirit of Dad, the Google hat seems a perfect fit for this handsome arrival. Love the selection of Father’s Day gifts because they are just a bit different from the norm. I’m in love with the Thor bottle opener although I’m pretty sure my 5-yr old son would steal that in a heartbeat.


  3. Oh my gosh I KNEW you’d have the most fun/creative ideas to offer! So glad I read this today because I have left this to the last minute after feeling like I was out of creative ideas for the dads in my life. Thanks a million for sharing this!


  4. Love this list…so many fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Geeky Dads! I immediately loved the Flex Capacitor watch! Though that blinking would start to trip me out!
    Also, we have a friend who is great at car repair so the A is for Alternator book is genius. Definitely getting that for him and his new son Preston!
    I am not a dad yet but those “bullet Proof” unders are genius for any guys too!


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