Geeky Daddy Needs Help Naming A Baby!!!

Do you have any good suggestions of baby boy names?

Grayson’s little brother is less than a month away and we are still struggling finding the perfect name for him.

I thought “Deathstroke” was a strong name, but my wife said no.

Lil’ G-Man is still pushing for us to name his baby brother “Fire Truck“, but I’m not sold on that.

This time around, if possible, my wife would like to have an “L” name to roll with our family name (Levich) and we have a short list put together, but we haven’t found the right one yet.

With our first child, both my wife and I knew right away that we both loved the name Grayson.

Grayson (AKA Lil’ G-Man) was named after the acrobatic fearless Dick Grayson, Batman’s first gravity defying Robin and my favorite character from DC comics. We even refer to Lil’ G-Man as “Nightwing” when he acts up.

Now that he is a death-defying toddler jumping off furniture without a care, I can’t picture him with any other name. For example, if there was a mic in this room, you would have just heard me yell “Nightwing! Stop climbing on the coffee table!”

For baby name inspiration, we’ve already tried many sources. Websites, Directories, Books, Apps, the NFL Draft…

While we have been able to compile a short list of potential names, I would like to call upon the assistance of you, my loyal-ish readers. What do you think would be a great name for Grayson’s baby brother?

Should we keep the ‘Robin’ lineage rolling and go with a Tim, Drake, Damien, Jason, or Todd?

Should expand within the comic book realm and go with Oliver, Clark, Lex or Slade (neither one of us like the name Logan)? Loki Levich?

Loki is the Norse God of Mischief and as any parent will tell you, toddlers are the harbinger of chaos and mischief.

If we stick with an “L”, there’s plenty of “L’s” to choose from the Star Wars universe. Luke, Lucas or Lando?

Please help us out!

Here are the Top 6 Geeky Baby Names we have compiled so far. Please help us out and comment below with your favorite or your own suggestion! Otherwise…Fire Truck is starting to look pretty good.

6 Lucas Rancor Levich

Smile George, you are worth over $4 billion dollars. With a “B”

What better way to honor the man the created my favorite sci-fi based universe than by naming my future Padawan after him.

Whether you subscribe to the idea that he wrote that atrocious dialogue in the Star Wars prequels was on purpose or not, his plot outlines and world building concepts changed the science fiction (not just film) world forever.

Ever seen a toddler get ‘Hangry’ before snack time? Or seen a toddler melt down because he didn’t get the exact snack he asked for? Or, for that matter, seen a toddler melt down anyway even after he did get the exact snack he asked for?

We went through this yesterday when I gave Lil’ G-Man some blueberries for his snack. Apparently they were not the “right flavored blueberries” (WTF???) and holy cow did the dirty diaper hit the proverbial fan!

5 Wilson Buchanan Levich

Grayson’s little brother should grow up to be his loyal sidekick right?

So how about combining both of Captain America’s most famous sidekicks into one! James Buchanan Barnes (AKA Bucky, AKA Winter Soldier) and Sam Wilson (AKA The Falcon) both spent time as the Star Spangled Avengers sidekick and both even carried the famous shield as Captain America for a time.

Available on

But then what would his nickname be? Winter Falcon? Sam Winter?

4 Dalton Wade Garrett Levich

It is impossible to grow up in my generation without having watched Patrick Swayze’s 80’s defining martial arts masterpiece Roadhouse! I mean literally impossible, it was seriously on TNT or Spike Network at least once every weekend.

Now that I think about it, this option would make me Sam Elliott’s character Wade Garrett, the smooth talking bearded sensei who taught Dalton everything he knew. Wade Garrett was like Dalton’s Obi-Wan Kenobi…you know if Obi-Wan worked as a bouncer in a Mos Eisley strip club on Tatooine while Luke was growing up…

Looks just like me!

3 Kalvin Elbridge (Kal-El) Levich

It’s a bird, It’s a plane…

A bunch of the parents I know believe their sons are supermen, so why should I be any different?

Kal-El is the true name of Kryton’s most famous son: Superman! Is there possibly a better name for a masculine child than that?

Course…Kal-El‘s parents (and their whole planet for that matter) died a horrific death…maybe we should reconsider this one…

Clark Kent maybe? I’m from Nebraska. That’s close to Kansas…

2 Lex Oliver Levich (L.O.L.)

Now I think we are getting somewhere.

Lex Luthor is one of the sharpest minds in all of comics and Oliver Queen is well accomplished hero (and lady’s man) in comics and T.V.

And, most importantly, he would have the initials L.O.L. which Geeky Mommie thinks “would be super cute!”

1 Merlin Atreyu Levich (M.A.L.)

This name hits a tri-fecta of geekdom!

Merlin is probably the most famous wizard in literature (at least to those of us who were introduced to King Arthur lure prior to Harry Potter hitting the scene).

Atreyu is the bad-@$$ child warrior that helps Bastian in his quest in The Never Ending Story. We could even get a big white dog named Falkor for him to ride!

The third benefit of going with this geekdom trilogy of names are the initials!

This time being M.A.L! Malcolm (Mal) Reynolds was the captain of the starship Serenity in the FOX television series Firefly! Easily one of the most under-appreciated sci-fi television shows of all time (with one of the most loyal fanbases).

True Serenity fans will know this hat!

Only downfall I see is that people might mistakenly think he was named after the Atreyu metalcore rock band of the late 1990’s…

Could they possibly look more late 90’s/ early 2000’s?

Please comment below? Should we roll with one of these names? Do you have a suggestion of your own? Please let us know! We need help!

Please no “Baby McBabyFace”



  1. Hahaha, I saw Atreyu live in my youth! xD

    Anyway, you’ve got a great list of names there. I really like Lucas for the “L” theme. Oliver is lovely too.

    My nephews names are Hunter and Ryder, which I love so just throwing those in there! Not sure of any “geeky” connotations with those ones, though.


  2. Lol your names are kind of long. One idea to be unique is name HIM an unusual one like a sound name.. “Pachow” maybe? Haha!


  3. hahahaha definitely pick a name from the Key & Peele video. That’s one of my favorites! A name will come to you guys when you’re not even thinking about it!


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