Andes Mint Chocolate Shake. Is It As Good As It Sounds?

Pop Quiz: What is the best part about going to Olive Garden?

Don’t let any real Italians know if you answered anything other than the Andes Chocolate Mints you receive at the end of your meal.

My point is, Andes Chocolate Mints are delicious! Can you imagine how great a milkshake made of these would be?

Ok, actually this sounds pretty amazing as well!

Apparently the food engineers at the fast food chain Arby’s asked themselves the same question because they recently launched their “Mint Chocolate Shake Topped With Andes Mints Candy Pieces”

I had no idea this minty treat even existed.

I don’t know if the marketing simply hasn’t been very intense or if I have been living in a bubble, but the first I heard of this dessert was today when I was stopped at a red light and glanced at the Arby’s to my left.

I got a small size for my inaugural date with this emerald beauty (I’ve had unpleasant side effects in the past from having too much McDonalds Shamrock Shake at one time…).

The shake itself was pretty similar to the Shamrock Shake from the Golden Arches, but the whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and crushed Andes mint candies made all the difference in the world.

I thought this shake was terrific!

The mint flavoring was smooth and not overpowering or sharp in any way. The mint candies were ground just small enough to still fit up the straw but still large enough to provide satisfying crunch.

Obviously, a quick review of the nutritional (or lack of nutrition) data confirms that you don’t want to make the Andes Chocolate Shake a daily staple.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend the Arby’s Andes Mint Chocolate Shake and plan on getting it a few more times before it disappears from the Arby’s Limited Time menu.

Just not too often because beach season is coming soon after all…

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  1. Yum!! I grew up loving Andes mints — I feel like my gram or older relative always had them around. This shake does sound really good — Next time I’m near an Arby’s I just may give a try.


  2. Wow I haven’t heard it either but I guess when you watch only streamed television and satellite radio normal advertising isn’t the same. I will have to let my husband know he loves mint – me not so much. I will stick with their Jamocha shake.


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