Australia’s Mullet Festival Is Just As awesome As It Sounds

The moment I heard that there was a Mullet Festival and that it took place in Australia, I scoured the internet for exhibits from this crazy gathering!

Exhibit A: Ladies meet ‘King Jay‘ who he has been rocking his a mullet for 5 years that he believes makes him look “majestic as f–k!”

Originally formed as the prison colony of the British Empire, Australia is a mostly rural area full of some of the most colorful characters and accomplished beer drinkers you could ever hope to meet.

So basically, it is the Alabama of the Earth.

(Seriously, the only way that headline could be more ‘Alabama’ would be if the kid was wearing a “Roll Tide” hat, Wrestlemania T-shirt and slamming a Coors Light while sucking on a Marlboro during the interview.)

Exhibit B: Ladies meet one of the festival judges Dan “The Mullet Lord” Brown!

One Mullet To Rule Them All!

Mullet Fest 2018 took place at the Chelmsford Hotel in the scenic and creatively named town of Kurri Kurri, about 45 minutes west of Newcastle.

I didn’t see a Michelin star rating for the Chelmsford Hotel, but I’m sure it is simply because I didn’t look hard enough…

The residents of this quant village like to tell people that the mullet style hairdo originated in these parts, although I have no clue how to prove or disprove that.

Much less why anyone would want to take credit for spawning this unique haircut.

Exhibit C: Ladies meet Oscar who grew out his hair because Mullets get bitches.”

Contestants came from all over to compete in a range of categories that included Junior Mullet, Ladies’ Mullet, Ranger Mullet, Everyday Mullet, Grubby Mullet, and Best Mullet of Them All.

You knew there would be trophies.

Exhibit D: Ladies meet Brian sporting a Hulk Hogan inspired Skullet.

For those that are unaware of what exactly a mullet is, I envy you. A mullet is often referred to as the “El Camino” of haircuts: Business in the front, party in the back.

Exhibit E: 13-year-old Bailey has working on his mullet since he 4-years-old.

A mullet not only looks cool (to some people apparently) but is also a fiscally responsible hairstyle to maintain according to some such as Mick.

Exhibit F: Ladies meet Mick who not only rocks the mullet, but goes the extra mile to bracket his hair style with pork chop sideburns!

“It’s cheaper. I pay half the price for a haircut. Times are tough.”

Lastly, lets not forget our cover boy:

Exhibit G: Ladies meet Zacralph who believesIt’s just what REAL men have.”

All pictures are courtesy of VICE. Click HERE to see their full article with additional pictures of the event!

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  1. Looks so much fun! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!



  2. Interesting article. I’ve never heard of mullet before. Didn’t know if it’s a huge thing in Australia, would love to visit the mullet festival one day.


  3. Lol! I feel the same way as Image Earth Travel. Not a fan of mullet but the guys in the photos seem proud of it.


  4. Mullets need to stay in the 80s where they belong. This post was hilarious, especially the part about Alabama lol


  5. Mullets need to stay in the 80s where they belong. This post was hilarious, especially the part about Alabama lol. Sounds like you had fun. But, just don’t tell no one else you attended this event lol.


  6. What an awesome festival! I’m not rocking a mullet (not even back in the 1990s — but many of my Kindergarten classmates had them!) but this is something to add to my bucket list. Looks like a great group of people to spend a weekend with!


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