Geeky Daddy’s Top 6 “OMG Did They Really Make That Product!?!” List

Some people’s photoshop skillz are remarkable. Not mine, but some other people’s are.

Forget the “6-Pack”, I’m rocking the “Baker’s Dozen”

You ever come across a consumer product on Facebook and stop to ask “Is that a real product or the product of those amazing photoshop skillz Geeky Daddy was talking about?”

Well I decided to assemble a list of some of these more “daddy” oriented mysteries into one place. Here is…

Geeky Daddy’s Top 6 “OMG Did They Really Make That Product!?!” List.

Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

6. Fisher Price Happy Hour Play Set

Is this a real product?

Unfortunately, NO it is not.

As awesome as this looks and regardless of how much fun it would be to cosplay the final episode of Cheers with your toddler, this is not a real play set.

The photoshopped packaging was actually the brain child of a New York City-based branding agency owner and father to a 2-year-old girl, Adam Padilla.

His 2016 work was so realistic that it took the internet by storm and created a wave of Fisher Price hate. So much so that Fisher Price was forced to make a statement on Twitter letting people know that they were not in fact selling toddler beer bottles.

The closest real product to this I could find is this cool interactive Fisher Price Food Truck

Available on

5. The Night Dad Went To Jail Children’s Book

Is this a real product?

YES, Actually it is!

In all seriousness, having a close family get hauled away in handcuffs has got to leave a dramatic impression on young children. Their little minds must be overcome with a sense of confusion, anger and loneliness.

This illustrated book from Picture Window offers age appropriate explanations and illustrations to assist with these difficult conversations.

4. My First Fire and Baby Dribbler

Are these real products?

Sort of…

While these exact products are not available for purchase, the packaging is!

These hilarious boxes, and many others, are available for people who are too lazy to wrap gifts. In other words, people like me!

Funny prank products include the Roto Wipe, Pet Translator Collar, Crib Dribbler, My First Fire and Toddler Ankle Weights

There is also my favorite: The Extreme Chores Kit for your Nintendo Wii!

3. GameStop Ma’am Customer Funko Pop!

Is this a real product?

NO it definitely is not.

By now, most the internet has seen the altercation between the GameStop employee and the transgender customer. If not, here it as..

WARNING: Explicit Language.

Somebody better at arts and crafts than I am decided to make a “GameStop Ma’am” Funko Pop! and creatively made it a Target exclusive!

I have written before about how I don’t get the appeal of Funko Pops!, but they are hugely popular, so I guess it’s just me. (There is a surprising amount of Walmart Exclusive Pops!)

2. Stinky Sock Flavored Candy

Is this a real product?

YES, along with many nasty others

Inspired by some of the crazy flavors referenced in the Harry Potter universe, Jelly Bean decided to release their Bean Boozled: Dare to Compare candies.

The Bean Boozled contains two different flavored Jelly Beans with identical colors, such as Buttered Popcorn and Rotten Eggs, and you are unaware which you have until the first bite.

Sort of a real sugary Russian Roulette.

At my previous job, somebody brought this Bean Boozled product in and we tasted all the flavors. I can tell you, if these flavor engineers had been putting their efforts into the space program, we would have colonized half our galaxy by now. These engineers are that good!

1. Star Wars Series Toys

Are these real products?

YES, but not these exact ones…

While there is a real Star Wars Uncle Owen action figure available, it is not the charred skeleton seen below.

There have been lots of Ewok action figures available over the years, however this coughed up clump of cat hair was not one of them.

The Force is described by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars IV: A New Hope as “an energy field created by all living things…” In other words, it is an invisible, intangible abstract concept .

But, as we all know, die hard Star Wars fans (like me) will buy anything!

Alderaan, the home planet of Bail Organa and his adopted daughter Princess Leia, was famously destroyed in Star Wars IV: A New Hope by Grand Moff Tarkin and the Death Star.

As Luke and his friends later discovered, Alderaan was reduced to a whole bunch of floating rocks.

Now before you make fun of any Star Wars fan boys that would purchase a box of rocks, remember a ton of people in the 80’s purchased Pet Rocks!

What do you think of our list? Please comment and share!



  1. Some of these are unbelievable!!!!! That GameStop video is absolutely hilarious! I’m actually digging the mini bar, alas one would definitely need a sense of humour for that one. Love the boxes too as prank wrapping, they would be epic to give! Fab post, proper chuckling!! Sim


  2. This is a great list! Hilarious! I’ve seen a few of these products, but never knew the details. Definitely need to find some of those gag boxes! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Jelly Bellies are some of my favorites. I’d be super sad to bite into a delicious looking bean only to taste vomit. But it would be hilarious to watch the face of someone else. . Does that make me a bad person?


    1. This was great I saw the bean boozed challenge everywhere in YouTube and I think some of those flavours were horrible. I like the toddler tamers I wish they were real.


  4. I’ve never seen any of these (even as jokes) but they are hilarious! You definitely have to have a sense of humor for it as some people take things too seriously these days. The book and the bar ones are so funny. If those were real… oh man!


  5. I’ve tried those jelly beans before, but some of them I was afraid to put in my mouth! Some of these are hilarious and I’d actually think I’d really like some “toddler tamers” hahaha.


  6. These are hilarious!! I really want my kids to have marketable skills and be career focused. So I’ll start em young with a bar to run! I wish it were real! Maybe I need to start an online petition.


  7. Laugh out loud funny, and that doesn’t happen often enough! If I had little kids still and the product was real, I would absolutely buy the little bar! Cheers Cos-play, LOL! The food truck is awesome, so much more fun than a standard kitchen play set. The Jelly Bellys scare me a little with some of those flavors, but I admit to having a pet rock many years ago.


  8. LOL. Some items on the list are seriously hilarious! Can’t believe there are actually stinky flavoured jelly beans!


  9. I think the Fisher Price Happy Hour playset needs to exist! I spent 16 years in a small Montana town, and I’ve been served soda by several toddlers over the years behind bars that look just like that. Those of us from small towns get it =)


  10. What a fun post! I love all the real and fake products – especially the toddler bar – what a hoot! 🙂


  11. That is a big list! I didn’t know about the prank boxes. I also didn’t see anything about the Game Stop altercation so I learned something new today. Those jelly beans though are terrible. But you make a great point about them putting their efforts into the space program lol!

    Liked by 1 person

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