Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Special Geek In Your Life: For Her Edition

It’s that time of year again: The Super Bowl of romance: Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl of football: The…uh…SuperBowl. (I guess I didn’t think that first line through too well).

This headline would be a great Valentine’s Day present to me!

Last week, I shared the Geeky Daddy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Special Geek In Your Life: For Him Edition

And now it’s time to start shopping for our better halves.

Here’s Geeky Daddy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For the Special Geek In Your Life: For Her Edition.

8. Corgi Or Kitty Heated Slippers

If all my years of dating and marriage has taught me anything about women, it is that their feet are always cold. I mean always.

So in this age of “polar vortexes,” help that special woman in your life keep her feet warm with one of these super cute pairs of heated slippers.

The Corgi slippers quickly charge via a USB plug and the Kitty slippers also have quick charge USB as well as wireless charging.

7. Wonder Woman Headphones

Let your woman know she is your Wonder Woman with these amazing over the ear headphones.

These headphones have the iconic Wonder Woman logo, awesome colors and padding for comfort. Watch your John Wick shoot outs at full volume without bothering her while she is watching her Hallmark cheesy Christmas movies.

It is a gift for you and her at the same time!

Or, if she already has a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort headphones, there is this amazing skin decal from Skinnit.

Available on

6. Doctor Who Throw Blanket

Is there a more romantic way to ride out the “Polar Vortex” than cuddling under a throw blanket while watching a Doctor Who marathon on BBC? (I’m asking cause I don’t know. I’ve never been bitten by the Doctor Who bug but I know it has a gigantic following)

This soft fleece blanket measures 50″ x 89″ and is sure to keep you and your partner warm. According to Amazon’s product description, it is also “imported” but doesn’t list from where.

I am guessing from the “Dimensions in Time“…

5. USB Retro MixTape Cassette

Anybody else remember making mixtapes or mix CD’s for your girl for her birthday or Valentine’s Day? Or am I just old…

Either way, you can load your favorite memories of each other on this Retro Mix Tape USB drive. Vacation photos, video of your first dance at your wedding, date night photos and more.

You can even write your girl’s name on the cassette! Just make sure to use an erasable Sharpie in case you need to re-use the drive with another girl next year…

4. Sexy Star Trek Uniform

There is no reason why a gift for her can’t be enjoyed by you as well, right?

This sexy Star Trek uniform is 100% Polyester with a contrasting V-cut collar.

Although the size chart Amazon has accompanying it is a little confusing…

3. Matching Pillow Cases

There is no more important step in the relationship than when you ask her to move in with you.

Whether a Star Wars fan, Batman fan or any other genre, make sure she feels welcome with a specific pillow for her own side of the bed.

(It doesn’t really matter, she is eventually going to claim both sides of the bed anyway)

2. “I Drink And I Know Things” Beer & Wine Glass Set

The perfect Beer and Wine Glass Set is coming and can be enjoyed by Him and by Her!

Whether you are enjoying a quiet adult beverage at home with your significant other, attending a BYOB Red Wedding or at a party and you simply want to communicate to others exactly what you do, this Beer and Wine Glass Set is all you need!

1. Prank Pack Gift Boxes

Whatever you decide to get that special lady in your life, make sure to package it in a Prank Pack Gift Box.

The perfect alternative to plain old gift wrap, these cardboard boxes come with realistic graphics on all six sides that will trick even the most skeptical mind.

There some especially great options for new moms, including My First Fire and my favorite, The Crib Dribbler!

What did you think of our list? Let us know in the comments below!

All items on this list are available through and most are Prime shipping eligible.

If you are not already an Amazon Prime Member, you can try it for FREE with this Link!



  1. Dude, my feet ARE always cold, and my hands. But I’m irish, so I don’t have blood circulation! haha I’d rather have Uhura’s costume normally than a sexy one, but I’m a trekker moreso of the next gen and voyager sagas…


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