Pho Keene Great Restaurant Battling To Keep It’s Name

I love puns. Especially if they border on vulgar.

However the city manager of Keene, New Hampshire isn’t as much of a fan as I am.

He mandated that the Pho Keene Great restaurant take down it’s sign, citing that multiple citizens of complained about it being a vulgar pun.

(If you need help deciphering why, it sounds like the phrase “F–king Great.”)

The sign needs to be permitted by the city so now the two sides are going back and forth about it on social media.

I suggest a compromise: Pho Shizzle!



  1. I was actually slow at first until I got it. I don’t think they should be refused imagine that can actually be someone’s name, would they refuse him to register anywhere?


  2. I didn’t get it until you pointed it out so I’m not really sure why they are being so difficult about this name. I know I wouldn’t want to change the name of my business after the time spent on coming up with it and then what all I did using the name already.


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