Midget Crime Gang Arrested For Using Cat Doors For Break-Ins

Yes, you read that correctly!

Three members of the Irish Mob Midgets crime syndicate have been arrested on charges of breaking and entering.

Security camera footage caught the three using a cat door as a way to enter the victims home.

Law enforcement believes that the Irish Mob Midgets, the Boston based crime family whose members consists strictly of little people, have been responsible for a string of 55 local break-ins! They are definitely not lazy!

For the record, the Irish Mob Midgets officially describe themselves as a “non-profit motorcycle enthusiast group for small people of the Boston area.”

So, basically a Boston based ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ chapter just, you know, shorter…

However many of their members have been arrested in the past for crimes ranging from arson and drug trafficking to aggravated assault.

I’m guessing the dude on the far left is the “Leader” as he shows a striking resemblance to Marvel’s super intelligent villain “The Leader.”

No confirmation yet on the rumor that the mob was financed by Miles Finch…



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