Police Called For Woman Drinking Wine Out Of A Pringles Can While Riding Electric Shopping Cart

This is a new segment we are calling Weekend Walmart Watch where we will be taking a closer look at things that can only happen at Walmart!

Today’s installment comes from the great state of Texas (I’ve got a feeling most of these will be coming there or Florida’s panhandle).

Credit: People of Walmart

Police were called to a Texas Walmart at approximately 9 AM Saturday morning after receiving reports of that a woman had been riding an electric shopping cart around the parking lot for hours while drinking wine out of a Pringles can.

Police found her in a nearby restaurant parking lot and she has since been banned from Walmart, although I’m not sure for how long. She does kind of sound like their target market…

No word yet on any sponsored endorsement deals from Pringles or their parent company Proctor & Gamble.

I’m curious what restaurant she was found at. My brain is thinking a Waffle House but heart is thinking Applebee’s

What is your guess? Comment below.



  1. I saw this post on Facebook the other day and wasn’t for sure if it was real or not. Wow! People are really insane. I live in Florida and the first thought came to mind was, “She must be from Florida!” Hahaa.


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