Meet The 130 MPH Lawn Mower! AKA: Every Dad’s Fantasy!

The Honda Power Equipment team makes some terrific lawn maintenance equipment.

The Honda Racing Team makes some of the fastest race cars on the Indycar circuit.

Put these teams together on a project, and this is the Herculean Hybrid that results: The Honda MeanMower V2. A model HF2622 riding lawn mower that can hit a top speed of 134 MPH.

Honda even believes that with a little tweaking, they can hit 150 MPH.

From here, the engine details get a little too complex for this suburban dad to comprehend. There is an SP1 Fireblade motorcycle engine (who’s name alone makes you think it belongs aboard the Battlestar Galactica) and all kinds of fancy electronics to for anti-lock brakes, stability controls and anti-lift controls.

I was unable to find any information regarding an onboard Flux Capacitor or Dilithium Crystal powered Hyperdrive.

The engineering team needed to cut two sections out of the cutting deck, but the cutters still work which means, with some Fast & Furiousstyle drifting skillz, my front and back lawns could be mowed in under a minute!

Professional race car and stunt driver Jess Hawkins took this lawn maintenance masterpiece to the track in Chichester England to see what it could do!

134 MPH is what it could do!

All photo credits: Top Gear.



  1. This is amazeballs! I mean really a lawn mower that can drive faster than most cars!! Who even thought originally, “You know what would be awesome? If we take this riding Honda Lawnmower and kick it up to hit a top speed of 134 MPH!”
    But whomever it was, every man thanks you. I just texted my cousin who has 10 acres of yard in Purceville, Virginia and he is always complaining about the hours it takes him to mow his grass. I just hope he doesn’t hit it in reverse and go BACK IN TIME!


  2. Oh my goodness! This is pretty crazy. I’ll have to show my husband. Just reading “flux capacitor” takes me back…


  3. Whoa! Is this for real?! I wouldn’t mind mowing if I had this 🙂 Very fun!


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