PlayTape Road Tape Is The Best Thing To Happen To My Toddler This Winter!

Keeping our toddler occupied during the long cold months of winter just got a whole lot easier thanks to PlayTape Roads!

Available on!

Like most toddlers, Lil’ G-Man has tons and tons of cars in all kinds of sizes that he loves to line up in rows and take on all kinds of imaginative adventures!

I think we have a fleet of Lightning McQeens that could rival the largest taxi cab fleets in New York City!

Aside from a few mats and small printed area rugs, we didn’t have a real detailed cityscape or racetrack for him to enjoy until we found PlayTape!

The tape comes in both 2″ wide (which is great for Matchbox and HotWheels cars) and 4″ wide (which works nicely for slightly bigger cars). The tape is re-usable and sticks nicely to any clean wood floor. The tape can also be used on walls, but we haven’t tried that yet. Not sure how much I want to encourage Lil’ G-Man to scrape up the walls…

Constantly changing around McQueens race way on the floor keeps our little man’s imagination from stalling out.

I wish I had a couple rolls of this tape with us on our last vacation when we found ourselves rained in our hotel room! You ever try keeping a toddler occupied in a 150 sq ft hotel room for 2 straight days? (Spoiler: You don’t want to.)

This recyclable U.S. made product is non-toxic, safe and easy to use and re-use.

If your little one is more into trains then cars, not to worry, Imaginative also makes a re-usable tape in a TRAIN TRACK pattern!

Also available on

The Imaginative kit comes complete with corners and signs!

Trolir also makes a road tape kit that comes with 100 detailed signs, however no corner pieces.



  1. Oh my goodness, what a clever idea! That is just so fun! I can think of tons of ways to have a great time with this product — cool find.


  2. This is so cool my nephew would really love this since he loves collecting cars. This looks so easy to put together as well. Thanks for sharing this 🙂


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