Is Disney Moving Forward With A Ben Kenobi Star Wars Movie Helmed By George Lucas?

I love telling people new Star Wars Rumors nearly as much as vegans love telling people how vegan they are!

You know how some vegans get all self-righteous and up-in-your-face about their dietary choices to the point that you want desperately to eat a Wendy’s Triple Baconator right in front of them? Well that is how I am with Star Wars rumors. (And now I’m hungry.)

The recent big news is that former foreign secretary Boris Johnson announced during a speech at the DUP conference this weekend that George Lucas is making the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie,and that he will shoot it in Northern Ireland sometime in 2019. 

This startling revelation comes as a shock to most of the Star Wars world that has been under the impression that Disney has still frozen all Star Wars standalone movie projects after their disappointing financial return on last year’s Star Wars: A Solo Story. (Disclaimer: I rather liked it.)

Prior to the underwhelming ticket sales of Solo, there were plenty of rumors that Kenobi was scheduled to begin filming in Belfast in 2019. So when Boris Johnson spoke recently, was he still operating off old information and simply nobody on his staff looked at an entertainment news website in the past 12 months?

The idea of George Lucas being attached is also interesting. There has been a ton of chatter about Disney working on some “course correction” with their Star Wars franchise, after Solo and all the negative response from Rain Johnson’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” You can read Geeky Daddy’s review here. (Disclaimer: I rather NOT liked it)

What better “course correction” could there possibly be than having Ewan McGregor return as the title role with Star Wars creator George Lucas also returning (in some capacity) behind the camera. So long as he is not in charge of writing the final screenplay, I am perfectly OK with this. Remember when Lucas claimed his 3rd-grade-reading level dialogue in the prequels was written horribly on purpose?

Can I phone a friend?

At the end of the day, however, I do not believe Disney has any Star Wars film in some type of hidden ‘double secret probation’ level development. The perfect environment for Disney to announce something this exciting in the Star Wars universe is at the annual Star Wars Celebration, but that isn’t until April 2019. It is simply too hard to keep a high profile project like this in the shadows for long.

I think the former foreign secretary was speaking off of expired information. Who knows, maybe he wasn’t even aware that Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012 and just assumed that any new Star Wars project would simply involve its creator.

Hopefully, like most of my fantasy football line-ups, I am wrong. Now I’m gonna head out for a cheeseburger…


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  1. I hope so! But recently I’ve been thinking that the filmakers have been squeezing too much out of what is an amazing movie franchise – just look at the Marvel and DC films… very hit and miss, a shame if they tarnish the previous movies through commercialization


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