Could We See Count Chocula Face Off With Batman In An Animated Movie Soon?

Are you ready for a ‘Fast and Furious‘ style heist movie where Boo Berry and Frankenberry drag a gigantic jug of milk through the streets of Rio De Janeiro and destroy half the corrupt police force along the way?

What about if Count Chocula led a team terrorists that took over Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas Eve and the only one that could stop it was a shoeless Frankenberry?

Well if you said “No, of course not” to any of these ideas…you are not alone.

But the big wigs at General Mills cereal think there may be a market for them anyway.

(Maybe somebody needs remind these executives that they haven’t mastered breakfast yet…)

May not be suitable for children of all ages…

The big news that came out of General Mills camp last week, through their site Work With Monsters, is that General Mills is “calling all filmmakers, actors, agents, writers, producers, animators, tastemakers, dealmakers, movers and shakers” to help them bring their intellectual properties to the big screen.

While this may sound like a huge stretch to you and I, General Mills is quick to point out on their site that they have a long history of working with Hollywood. From their work in the 1960’s with cartoons such as “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle” and “Underdog” and again in the 1970’s with “The Monsters Go Disco.”

Recently, in a 2016 cross promotion with Warner Bros, General Mills produced an official Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice cereal.

Could Batman V Count Chocula be in our not so distant future?

And as for the lackluster state of the breakfast cereal world as a whole, don’t even get me started on the soon to be released Sour Patch Kids cereal by Post.

Sour Patch cereal Credit: Post

Seriously, who wants to make their milk taste sour on purpose?

What are your thoughts on this idea? Would you see a Count Chocula movie in the theaters?

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