Bathtub Cinema Is A Real Thing In Tokyo. Why Not Here?

If anybody from Detroit’s Campus Martius or Emagine Theaters is reading this, you are welcome for this money making idea!

Japan is currently enduring it’s hottest summer on record and it’s residents are finding creative ways to beat the heat.


Such as Bathtub Cinema!

Bathtub cinema

The new temporary Bathtub Cinema will be popping up at MAG’s Park on the rooftop of the revamped MAGNET by SHIBUYA109 building (which over looks the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing!

shibuya crossing

Even though Japan is famously known for outdoor bathing, the concept of combining it with cinema actually originated in London, England. There, bathtub cinemas became so popular that they grew to include dozens of hot tubs (both 2-person and 4-person), open bars and surround sounds.


The 3 day Tokyo event will contain 12 hot tubs that comfortably hold 4 people each. Tickets will run 18,000 Yen (Approx $160) per tub.

The three blockbuster movies scheduled to air are Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle on August 17th, Baby Driver on August 18th and 2002’s Spider-man on August 19th.

What!?! NO JAWS!!!


Would you be interested in seeing a bathtub cinema pop up near you?

inflatable hot tub
Inflatable Hot Tubs Available On Amazon As Low As $299.99



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