These Golden Girls Action Figures Are Amazingly Realistic!

I don’t care how tough you think you are or how much ‘street cred’ you think you have:  you loved watching this geriatric foursome sit around on their rattan furniture, giving each other sass and friendship advice.

golden girls

And Dorothy was always the most savage of all of Florida’s (AKA God’s Waiting Room’s) residents…

Well now you can re-enact your favorite Golden Girls moments with NECA’s Golden Girls 4 Action Figure Set!

Golden Girls Action Figures
Dorothy could have played center for the Miami Heat

These 8″ licensed action figures are incredibly detailed and perfectly articulated, right down to their fashionable 1980’s conservative clothing.

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No word on if the Rose action figure is as intelligent as the other three.

Thankfully, NECA opted not to go with the cast of the short lived Golden Palace bad idea.

golden palace tv show

But don’t expect to get this classy ladies cheap! The set, complete in window box packaging, is going for over $114 on Big Bad Toy Store!

If you are looking for a more budget friendly way to get your Golden Girls fix, I recommend the Funko Pops set for under $40 at

Golden Girls Funko Pops

You can also check out and Amazon for more San Deigo Comic-Con Exclusive Funko Pops, including Rick and Morty & Bob Ross Pops figures

Rick & Morty Funko Pop
Available at


Bob Ross Funko Pop
Available at ThinkGeek & Amazon

Amazon Audible



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