Download Their App and Receive Free McDonald’s Fries For the Rest Of 2018

McDonald’s tasty golden french fries is the crack cocaine of the fast food industry!


Okay, while that may not be a slogan the executives at the land of the ‘Golden Arches’ want to consider for billboards anytime soon, the addictive quality of their yummy french fries is something that cannot be denied.

Now there is a way to receive free McDonald’s fries for the rest of the year! Well, technically, it is not free. There is a requirement to spend at least $1 through the app after downloading and registering the software.

mcdonalds app

Once the app is downloaded and the requirements met, users will receive a coupon code good for a free order french fries every Friday till the end of 2018. There is also a coupon code for free drinks on Tuesday and Thursday.

Free McDonald’s Fries? McThank you!

McDonald’s has been looking for a way to address declining sales to younger audiences and what better way to gather consumer behavior data on young people than through a mobile app?

Businesses in all fields have been tripping over their own feet over the past coupe years trying to find new and creative ways to entice customers to download their apps. Aside from the obvious benefit of acquiring customer data, in the case of the fast food industry, having orders placed digitally also improves wait times, overall customer experience and saves on labor cost.

Now if we could just convince the executives at McDonald’s to give onion rings a try…




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