Candidate for Un-Fatherly Of The Year Award Learns Celebrating $96K Settlement With Hookers Is A Bad Idea

We are going to try out a new feature here at GeekyDaddy: Not Very Fatherly Friday!

unfatherly darth vader 1

Each week we will feature real world fathers who faired poorly at their fatherly duty.

Our inaugural un-fatherly father is 30-year-old Saul Mata Vellegas who took home $96,000 from a lawsuit involving a car accident.

Except, of course, he didn’t take it home.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 4.51.43 PM
“Hey honey, the darnedest thing just happened.”

Rather then head home to his family, Vellegas decided to stuff all $96K in cash into a briefcase and head over to the Van Cortlandt Motel in the Bronx for a late night rendezvous with three charming hookers.

I’m sure they have hearts of gold.

The evening could only get better from there right?

Except of course, it didn’t.

Because, after seeing the briefcase full of $96K in cash, the prostitutes suggested that they call some of their friends over to bring beer and cigarettes.

By “friends“, we of course mean “gun toting men in ski masks” and by “bring beer and cigarettes“, we of course mean “rob at gun point.”

masked gun men

In a scene that must have looked like something straight out of a low budget Steven Segal movie, the masked, gun toting ‘friends’ rolled up in a black mini-van, relieved Vellegas of his cash stuffed luggage and peeled out of the parking lot! And just to add insult to injury, the prostitutes left with them!

“Where’s Richie Madano?”

“I am haunted by this,” said Vellegas. “I keep playing it over in my mind. I was surprised they pulled a gun. I said ‘What is going on. I yelled help, help. I was depending on that money to move my family. I am nervous all the time now. I keep replaying it over and over. I see the weapon they used clearly over and over. I needed that money badly.”

New York police have released photos of the gun men, the three women and the mini-van used in this dastardly deed. All are being sought after for questioning.

Including the mini-van.

black mini van
“Have you seen this van?”



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