Taco Bell Chips To Compete With Doritos?

Taco bell has been killing it lately with their new Nacho Fries and are not done trying new and exciting things!


This May, forget making a run for the border for your Taco Bell fix, you will only need to run as far as your local grocery store’s chip aisle.

Taco Bell is going to branch out into the chip aisle with 3 new flavors of tortilla chips. Two of the new flavors will be based on the sauces “Fire” and “Mild” currently available at ‘the bell’ and the third will be a classic tortilla flavor.

Taco Bell Chips

The Mild chips are infused with flavors from three types of chili peppers and cumin, while Fire will bring the heat with hints of jalapeƱo, chili peppers and paprika. For those who prefer their tortilla chips without any extras, Taco Bell is also releasing a “Classic” chip that will simply be tossed in salt, like a traditional, restaurant-style tortilla chip.

This is not Taco Bell’s first entry into the chip aisle. Once upon a time, fellow PepsiCo product Doritos had a licensed Taco Supreme Taco Bell flavored chip.

Taco bell DoritosIt will be interesting to see if the Taco Bell chips cut into fellow PepsiCo product Doritos market share.

Taco Bell also has a partnership with Kraft Foods that keeps their brand name in the ethnic food aisle with branded beans, taco shells and sauces.

Taco Bell Spicy Ranch Sauce

Taco Bell has been killing it lately with their new Nacho Fries


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