Guess The Name Of Geeky Daddy's Newest Addition To The Family!

A few months ago, the Geeky Family lost our cat Snickers to lymphoma. It was especially tough because she and Lil’ G were BFF’s.

Recently, Geeky Mommy decided that our other cat Tibby (who I still want to re-name General Zod) has been too lonely and needed a new sidekick to hang around with (i.e. terrorize, beat up and act as his minion). She swears the addition of another cat has nothing to do with torturing my cat allergies…

Geeky Mommie Note: Our new kitty is a Siamese, which are low-shedding and better for people with cat allergies!

Enter our newest fluffy little bundle of joy:

new kitty

But what to name her? I briefly considered some of the top cat names from Japan such as Fuku (Lucky), but some seemed to really fit.

If there were 3 of them, I’d do with Tora! Tora! Tora! (Tiger)

Here Are My Top Ten Names We Considered For Our New Cat:

10: Faora (General Zod’s Wife)

The sleeves make the outfit. (image credit Warner Bros)

This would obviously be lost in translation without re-branding Tibby as General Zod, which as I already said, I am more than open to. The Terrance Stamp Zod from 1980’s Superman II and not the Michael Shannon version from 2013’s Man Of Steel.

9. Tribble


Who didn’t love those little trouble makers from the classic original Star Trek episode “The Trouble With Tribbles”. They even look like the little hair balls left around the house that love to torment my allergies.

8. Mogwai


I think Mogwai makes more sense for a female cat than Gizmo (which I think sounds more masculine). The name Mogwai comes from Cantonese folklore and is “a kind of demon held to be harmful to humans”. According to my cat allergies, there is no better name for a cat!

7. Jaina (Solo)

Jaina Solo

Jaina Solo, AKA ‘The Sword of the Jedi’, was the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia in the now defunct Star Wars Expanded Universe. She was smart, tough, an excellent pilot and written extremely well by author Karen Travis in the Star Wars Legacy of the Force series!

6. Takei


George Takei has a larger presence in pop culture today than he did in his Sulu days on Star Trek. Takei has always struck me as a good name for a pet. “Takei! Get off the damn counter!”

5. Krull


What science fiction fan is not familiar with the movie Krull? It totally ranks up there with Last Star Fighter as some truly cheesy 80’s sci-fi fun!

While maybe not the ‘cutest’ pet name imaginable, it does sound tough!

4. Tauntaun


Tauntaun fits for this cat for a couple reasons. The coloring is very similar between the feline and the trusty steed of our star-fairing heroes in Empire Strikes back. And we did pick up the cat in the middle of a Michigan snow storm!

3. Loki

Female Loki

As part of Marvel’s numerous attempts to increase their diversity in their comic books over the past decade, Thor’s stepbrother (and often arch rival) has recently reborn as a female human. Why? Because while Marvel’s cinematic universe can do no wrong, it seems as though their comic book universe can do no right.

2. The Kracken

Image credit:

The Kracken is a legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. What does this have to do with a beige cat? Nothing. I just want to be able to walk in the house and say “Release the Kracken!”

1. Kneesaa (female Ewok)


Kneesaa was a female Ewok who served as Princess of Bright Tree Village.  Later, she became the Chieftainess of Bright Tree Village and wife of Wicket Wystri Warrick. (Geeky Mommy is more of a fan of this name than I am)

Please comment with your guess as to which name you think the Geeky Family ran with for our new addition!



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