This Time Of Year, We Appreciate Goldfish's 90 Degree Pools!

Sub Arctic temperatures and a foot of snow are no excuses to let your training lapse is what my coaches used to tell me!

sgt meme

Actually, I didn’t have any coaches growing up, but if I did, I’m sure they would have said something like that to me. That and eat more vegetables.

sgt meme 2

As recently as ten years ago, year round swim lessons weren’t even an option. Even if it was, who would want to take their little ones in and out of a cold pool? Then try to change them out of their wet swim diapers in a not-so-kid friendly locker room?

However Goldfish Swim School came to our rescue and created an entirely new market at the same time!

Goldfish Swim Schools offers amenities such as pools heated to 90 degrees. The heated pools makes the 30 minute classes more enjoyable for the little ones the parents that spend the half hour in the water with them.

The individual changing rooms (many with diaper changing stations) makes winter time swim lessons a pleasure and not a hassle. With the tropical themed decor, friendly staff and fun activities such as baby slides, pool activity mats and baby canoes, I am able to convince Lil’ G that we have weekly visits to the “all inclusive resort” for our swim lessons.


The exhilarating thrill of the water slide is Grayson’s favorite activity by far. He doesn’t panic having his head dip below water at the end of the slide.

Trips across the activity mat helps with his coordination and balance on the water as well.

If you haven’t tried Goldfish Swim Schools yet, I encourage you to give them a try!

Tell them Geeky Daddy sent you!


This article was written in exchange for the experience of swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School.


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