KFC Fried Chicken-Scented Bath Bombs Are REAL!?!

As I sit here all congested with a head cold, one thought keeps going through my head:

“How awesome would it be to turn the hot tub into a huge vat of chicken soup and just immerse myself in it?”

hot tub

The minds of the mad scientists of Japan’s fast food industry apparently think the same way I do because they invented this very thing!

“Can somebody pass the herbs and spices?”

KFC Japan partnered with Japanese retailer Village Vanguard to bring the people what they (well, at least some of them) wanted! Enter the drumstick-shaped KFC Chicken-Scented Bath Bomb!

KFC scented bath bomb
It’s like cologne to attract hungry people.

The limited edition explosive soap bombs were even scented with KFC’s signature “eleven secret herbs and spices.”

This Japan exclusive was extremely limited to just 100 units however. To even be eligible, you needed to follow KFC Japan on Twitter and have retweeted their special promotional post of the bath bomb between Nov. 1 and Nov. 15.

KFC scented bath bomb tweet

Why is Japan’s Fast Food and Junk Food technology so far ahead of ours? Sliced Chocolate. Curry Fountains. Giga Big Macs. Odor-less Fried Chicken.


I’m calling out American fast food engineers to step up your game!


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Enterprise Pizza Cutter Available at ThinkGeek.com


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