Tips For Daddy To Survive Mommy's First Business Trip Away

Although at times, the content of Geeky Daddy can make it hard to tell, I do take my main occupation as “Daddy” very seriously.

Because of this, I am also a contributing writer for Detroit Mom’s Blog, which is where I also publish much of my parent oriented content.

Check out my latest post Helpful Hints For Daddy & Baby To Survive Mommy’s 1st Business Trip.

Grayson suitcase 2

There will always be Geeky Parenting content on my site, such as Daddy Hacks and How To Plan A Star Wars Birthday Party, as well as plenty of just Geeky content, such as movie reviews of John Wick Chapter II and Taco Bell Testing Kit Kat Quesadillas!

Please check back often for new content and feel free to click an Amazon, ThinkGeek, Hasbro or other advertiser 😉




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