McDonald's To Roll Out New $1, $2 & $3 Menus In January

McDonald’s changed the fast food game in the 90’s when they invented the Dollar Menu and they just announced that that we will see a return of the menu this January.

McDonald’s profits and stock price are way up this year and the fast food giant is hoping this new variety menu will keep the profits rolling in.

McDonalds new menu

The new menu is pretty self explanatory:

$1 will buy your choice of a sausage burrito, McChicken sandwich, cheeseburger or any size soft drink.

$2 will get you either a sausage McGriddle, 2 piece buttermilk crispy tenders, bacon McDouble or small McCafe beverage (excluding coffee or iced coffee).

If you are a baller and choose to run with the $3 menu, you have your choice of a sausage McMuffin with egg, classic chicken sandwich, triple cheeseburger or Happy Meal!

mcdonalds car

Healthy options are kind of light, but, hey, it is fast food.

healthy mcdonalds

January 4th is the official launch date for the new Dollar Menu.

Although I don’t think any fast food item will ever top the 50 Shades Of Grey Burger King Meal

The WiFi is not on the menu and will continue to be free…




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