Pontiac Silverdome Shows Better Defense Than The Detroit Lions Did

On a day where a quadriplegic could have rushed for at least 50 yards against the Detroit Lions defense, their old crib, the Pontiac Silverdome, displays a more stifling defense.


The Silverdome has sat vacant pretty much since the Detroit Lions moved to their new digs downtown in 2002 and has been the center of multiple legal battles since.

Finally set for her demise, the 40+ year-old Silverdome had other plans…

That’s right! Much like the first half offense of her old tenants the Lions, nothing happened.

According to Rick Cuppetilli, executive vice president of the demolition company Adamo Group, the cords may have been cut to the explosives attached to the main eight columns that support the structure.

I think the reason the 8:30 AM demolition didn’t work was simply a matter of timing.

Most people familiar with the Silverdome know that things only implode there on Sundays during football season around 1 PM.

Remember the beginning of the season when there was hope…

Grayson football


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