Geeky Daddy's Top Ten (And Bottom 5) Choices To Win The Hollywood's 'Battle For The Cowl' To Play Batman

With the news (confirmed this week) that Ben Affleck will no longer be donning the Cowl as Batman for any future films, fans everywhere are clamoring for any information on who will win the Hollywood Battle For The Cowl!

battle for the cowl

Word had been that director Matt Reeves already has his favorite choice in mind: Jake Gyllenhaal.

“Wayne. Bruce Wayne”

But Reeves is no longer involved in the project either which leaves the door to the Batcave wide open!

Gyllenhaal is an interesting choice and probably more likely to receive some serious consideration this time around than he did previously.  He was in the running for Batman Begins, which he lost to Christian Bale and his raspy voice, but now has the successes of End of Watch and Nightcrawler padding his resume.

Before, he had the pre “Polar Vortex” documentary The Day After Tomorrow…

Rumor mill has it that Warner Brothers is exploring the idea of having a series of stand alone Batman movies as opposed to one long, continuous story arc spanning multiple movies. This could help open up more casting possibilities of established stars who otherwise wouldn’t want to be attached to a long-term, multi-film contract.

Stand alone movies also opens the possibility for multiple genres of Batman films: A horror film stalking the Scarecrow, a detective movie matching wits against the Riddler, an action film vs. Killer Croc (preferably not the one from Suicide Squad), a comedy with Clayface and so on.

Here are Geeky Daddy’s Top Ten Bruce Wayne/Batman casting ideas:

TOP TEN Batmen

Tom Ellis


The first “Tom” on our list is already playing a character from the DC Universe, Lucifer, on the Fox television series (not so ironically called) Lucifer! Tom Ellis plays the fallen angel with a charisma that could easily transfer into Gotham city’s favorite billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

Tom Hiddleston

tom hiddleston

Obviously this is extremely unlikely to happen since Tom Hiddleston currently has a multi-film deal with Marvel. Hiddleston has literally stolen every scene he has appeared in throughout his Marvel career as Thor’s brother Loki, the Norse God of Mischief.

After appearing in the entertaining made for television mini-series The Night Manager, Hiddleston is now a serious consideration to sign another multi-film franchise deal as the new James Bond.

I don’t think any actor can handle three franchise deals at the same time, except of course Dwayne Johnson.

Brett Dalton


Known mostly for playing the (overly played out) role of Grant Ward on ABC’s Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Brett Dalton has the super hero look and chin to fill out the Dark Knight’s cowl.

Luke Evans


Known for many roles such as Jason Statham’s little brother Owen Shaw in the Fast & The Furious franchise, Bard in the Hobbit movies and as Gaston in 2017’s Beauty & The Beast movie, Luke Evans has one of the most important traits necessary to pull off a truly convincing Batman: a cool voice! It is raspy without the over the top gravelly Vin Diesel impersonation Christian Bale attempted.

Justin Gordon Levitt


Last we saw Christopher Nolan casting staple Justin Gordon Levitt in the Batman-verse was when he inherited the Batcave from the believed-to-be deceased Bruce Wayne at the end of The Dark Night Rises. While I would love to see something done with Levitt in the Batman role, I wonder if audiences would find it to confusing seeing him cast as Bruce Wayne.

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles has cultivated an incredible following since staring in the CW program Supernatural, which is currently in its 13th season! He is also somewhat familiar with the Batman world having provided the voice for Jason Todd in my favorite animated super-hero movie of all time – Batman: Under The Red Hood.

Casting Ackles could be a great way for Warner Brothers to sell some Batman tickets to the female market ages 18-40.

Matt Bomer

matt bomer

Who else was a fan of USA Network’s White Collar? I thought that show was very well written and casted. My wife was a huge fan of Matt Bomer on White Collar as well. This picture pretty much sums up why. She could watch his scenes with the TV on mute and enjoyed them just as much.

Ryan Gosling

“Hey girl, I’m Batman.”

Speaking of men my wife likes more than me, star of Blade Runner Runner 2049 and women’s favorite memes all over Facebook, Ryan Gosling would also have the physique, presence and acting chops to pull off billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

Karl Urban

dredd 3d screening 190912

More of an unconventional choice, Karl Urban personifies how I picture the aged, reclusive and disgruntled Batman of Frank Millers Return Of The Dark Knight comic mini-series. Closer to the age of 50 with a male version of ‘resting bitch face’, Urban has that ‘I hate everybody” presence about him and could easily be seen threatening those damn kids at the front of Wayne Manor to get off his lawn!

Nathan Fillion


Ten years ago or shortly off his stint as Captain Malcolm Reynolds on Firefly, Nathan Fillion probably would have been my first choice as the world’s greatest detective. Fillion showed a diverse range of emotion as an actor on Firefly and Castle and could successfully take Bruce Wayne in a comedic, action or dramatic direction.

It would have been cool to see him cast opposite fellow Firefly veteran Alan Tudyk as a goofy villain such as Mad Hatter, Joker or Ventriloquist.

alan tudyk
Alan Tudyk as Bruce Wayne’s cousin Van Wayne on Powerless

Manu Bennett


Again, probably ten years too late, CW’s Deathstroke, Manu Bennett, could pull off an interesting aged and embittered Batman.

Bottom Five You Wouldn’t Want to See As Batman



As Batman, this would be taking the caped crusader just too far down the comedic route for me. And who would the villain be? A resurrected Caesar Romero Joker?

joker cesar
The painted over mustache was always the best

However, in a supporting role, Seth MacFarlane could be a fun choice. Perhaps Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend and later adversary Dr. Thomas Elliot / Hush or fellow billionaire hero Ted Kord / Blue Beetle.



It would be interesting to see Jim Parsons outside of his hit television series Big Bang Theory but I just can’t see him patrolling crime alley. I could, however, see him as one of the deranged patients inside Arkam Asylum.

His experience portraying Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s obsessive compulsive disorder and eidetic memory could be put to use as an unbalanced Mad Hatter or Riddler.


Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean would undoubtably make the world’s worst Dark Knight of all time. I can already picture him attempting to subdue a perp with his Batarang and just nailing himself in the crotch.

If Warner Brothers does decide to lighten up the Batman universe however, Rowan Atkinson could pull off a very convincing Alfred Pennyworth.



I am not sure if it is California law that any film project with a budget north of $100 million needs to have Dwayne Johnson‘s name attached to it, but it seems like they all do.

If ‘The Rock’ wants to expand his acting horizons and take on a villain role ( a la Arnold schwarzenegger in Terminator) I think he would make an awesome Killer Croc!




I am okay with Kevin Smith writing the script for a new Batman film, but that would be about it.

What do you think of our Top Ten and Bottom 5 choices to take over Batman’s cinematic cowl?

Let us know in the comments below.

Or would you prefer to see yourself in the roll?

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