New Tokyo Banana Flavored Kit Kat's Are Selling Like Hot Cakes!

Nestle Kit Kat is consistently releasing new unique and creative limited time flavors in Japan, such as Butter, Grilled Potato and Soybean. They have even tried some more gimmicky flavors such as Frozen which was cooled to minus 196 degrees Celsius by use of liquid Nitrogen (I guess that makes the wafer “crisper”).

Japanese Kit Kats
Anyone else getting hungry?

I remember trying Pineapple, Strawberry, Brandy & Orange (which was awesome!), Green Tea and Yellow Cake flavors on our trip to Tokyo a couple years ago. Some flavors were more memorable than others…

This November, exclusively at Tokyo Station, Nestle Kit Kat released their latest concoction: Tokyo Banana flavor!

Pack of 15 priced at 1296 Yen (Approx $11.60 USD)

The Tokyo Banana is an extremely popular Japanese souvenir sweet. Made from banana puree baked into a sponge cake and then steamed, the soft sweet flavored piece goodness is just heavenly.


So, understandably, the crowds were lined up and ready to pay handsomely for this new Kit Kat golden delight when it was released on November 15th!

The queues started early for the new treat!

The Tokyo Banana Kit Kats are sold in packs of 8 for 702 Yen (approx $6.25 USD) or 15 for 1296 Yen (Approx $11.60 USD).

If any of our readers will be near Tokyo Station in the near future and could pick us up a pack, it would be greatly appreciated!

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!

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