Taco Bell To Begin Testing Kit Kat Quesadillas in North America!

Question 1: How awesome are quesadillas? Answer: Very.


Question 2:  How awesome are Kit Kat Bars? Answer 2: Even more so.

kit kat

In a combination to prove that “2 rights” can make an even “bigger right”, the mad scientists at Taco Bell have developed the new Chocoladilla!


I use the term “new” fairly loosely since the Chocoladilla has been available in the United Kingdom for about a year now, but it will be new to the United States once it makes it’s limited launch in Wisconsin. And this awesomeness is only $1!

No word yet on if the original Vanilla Ice himself, Rob Van Winkle, will be taking time out of his busy home remodeling schedule to endorse the new Vanilla Iced Coffee.

If the Chocoladilla does eventually roll out nationwide, how awesome would it be to get married and serve midnight Chocoladillas at the Las Vegas Strip Taco Bell!



  1. They better evaluate that name before rolling this product out to the rest of their markets. In Spanish it literally translates to “ChocoCrabs” and not the kind that lives in the sea… the sexually transmitted kind.


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