Fox's New Mutants Trailer Looks More American Horror Story Than Super-Hero

Full Disclosure: I am not a huge horror movie enthusiast but I know many that are excited about this film.

Fox just dropped their first trailer for their upcoming Marvel mutant movie, New Mutants, which will be unleashed in theaters next April (2018).

The New Mutants comic books focused on a younger generation of students at Professor Xavier’s School For The Gifted who were just learning how to control their mutant powers and get by in a world that feared and hated them.

While is has been known for a while that Fox was planning on taking this X-Men installment into the horror genre, I don’t think many were expecting them to go full on American Horror Story-esque with it!

In the trailer, we see that the Xavier Mansion (an X- movie staple, even in Deadpool) has been replaced with a spook-tacular insane asylum where the teenagers are being experimented on.

Sort of reminiscent of the movie Sucker Punch, minus the sexy Sailor Moon outfits and hopefully a much better story.

Sexy girl in a sexy school outfit with a Samurai sword and a gun? Who needs a plot!

In the preview, we see Alice Braga (whom I loved in Predators) as Dr. Cecilia Reyes, appearing to draw blood from Danielle Moonstone while explaining to her (and the audience) the premise of the movie: that the young mutants are being locked up because their inability to control their powers makes them very dangerous.

From there, if it weren’t for the title, I would have had no idea if this was a preview for one of the Ring movies, a Conjuring movie, one of the Exorcist films or a season of American Horror Story.

The trailer just came off as very generic to me and made from the same recipe as every other horror trailer of the past 15 years. A loud noise accompanying each quick camera change, creepy cover of a classic rock tune playing in the background and, of course, faces pushing through walls…

faces in walls 2

The New Mutants in last year’s popular Logan film were created with experiments from vials taken from mutants, so there is some connection with the films there, but no word yet on how much the films will tie in together.

The stereotypical super-hero movie genre is getting over saturated recently so I give the studio credit for attempting to expand the Marvel properties into other genre’s. Marvel has already tried the revenge genre with the Punisher movies so the horror genre seems like the next obvious venue to try.

Maybe someday we will see a Marvel comedy with Hercules as a bumbling womanizer or a romantic comedy with Nathan Fillion as Wonder Man and Emma Stone as Black Widow II.

How excited are you to purchase your tickets to see the New Mutants?



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