Monday Morning Meme Me With Grayson September 25th

Good Morning!

I am running a little late today. Still recovering from the end of that Detroit Lions football game.

This week Geeky Mommie began the hunt for the ‘Cutest Possible Halloween Costume’. In other words, expect to see lots of baby costume memes on Monday mornings over the next few weeks.

Remember this one?

meme Aug 7th E
Astronaut costume available at

Please vote for your favorite meme!

First up: We have Sully from Monsters Inc!

Option A

meme sept 25th 3

Option B

meme sept 25th 2

Option C

meme sep 25th 1

And last week‘s winner:

meme sept 18th 3

Please remember to support our affiliates so we can keep this little monster in fresh diapers!

Monsters Inc Baby Sully costume
Baby Sully costume available on


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