Best Christmas Movie Of All Time Finally Gets A Children's Book Edition

It is a controversial discussion that every family needs to have at some point. It can lead to impassioned debates, fist fights, spilled eggnog and even permanently divide families.

The controversial topic I’m talking about isn’t a trivial topic like politics, religion or gun control, but serious stuff.

Is DIE HARD one of the “best Christmas movies” of all time?

I look forward to the day that Lil’ G-Man is old enough to enjoy the tail of how John McClane descended down the chimney on Christmas Eve to deliver some 9mm rounds to a bunch of European terrorists in the whimsical world of Los Angeles. (Seriously, how much Jingle All The Way or Charlie Brown Christmas can a person take?)

Well, thanks to author Doogie Horner and illustrator JJ Harrison, that glorious day may be this Christmas, thanks to their new collaboration A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic!

die hard christmas

Available on October 17th on Amazon and listed as low as $10,  this wonderful bedtime story will be the perfect way to introduce your child to the true meaning of Christmas: The launch of Bruce Willis’s action hero career.

The book will obviously show multiple violent scenes, so some parental discretion will be advised, but blood splatters can always be explained away as ketchup or cranberry sauce splatters.

die hard christmas III
And just look how good Karl’s hair looks!



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