Land Rover Now Has A Stroller You MIGHT Be Able To Pay Off Before Your Child Is Walking

This is the perfect baby registry gift for that parent who loves to go on treacherous excursions to far off exotic lands (like Downtown Birmingham) for $8 cups of Starbucks coffee (usually while wearing their North Face jackets and Lululemon Yoga pants).

In an effort to show that brand licensing can be a lucrative revenue stream, the auto maker Jaguar Land Rover will be lending it’s luxurious name to iCandy for a new baby stroller…that will retail for over $2,000 (at current exchange rates).

land rover stroller

If you think that sounds a tad bit pricey for baby stroller, that is simply because it is. I believe we paid about a tenth of that for out City Mini by Baby Jogger.


But, in Land Rover’s defense, this new “push chair” features all-terrain “go-anywhere” capability, Land Rover design elements and is a “tribute to Land Rover’s breadth of capability.”

land rover stroller 2
Where does the chauffeur sit?

You might ask yourself exactly what that means.

I don’t have an answer for you, I am just pointing out that you may be asking yourself that.

I do want to point out that I am a defender of a free economy.  Just because I think it may be asinine to purchase a stroller that cost more than I spent on my first car (although this stroller probably runs better than that 1995 Ford Tempo ever did), doesn’t mean that it won’t be successful.

I believe market dictates price and if enough brand conscious consumers believe that dropping 2 grand on a non-self-propelled stroller will improve their quality of life, who am I to say they shouldn’t.

The new “iCandy Peach All-Terrain Special Edition pushchair for adventurous parents” will be launched at the Fankfurt Motor Show.

No word yet on leasing options or financing.

Land Rover used to license their name to a line of push chairs manufactured by Pegasus, but ceased that partnership back in 2002.

Remember when social media blew up about a concept Ford licensed baby crib that mimicked late evening drives?



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