Did Your Uber Driver Play 14 Seasons In The NFL?

Jon Runyan is many things but lazy is definitely not one of them.

After spending 14 seasons as an offensive lineman in the NFL, 9 of which were with the Philadelphia Eagles, he spent 4 years as a U.S. Representative for New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district.


Now he is a part time driver for Uber in the Philadelphia area. Not because he needs the money, like many other former professional athletes do, but because he gets bored.

In a recent interview with the PhillyVoice’s Matt Mullin, he said he has given seven to 10 rides so far.

“Sometimes you’ll just be sitting around the house, my girls are out doing what they do, and the wife and I are sitting there like, ‘Are we doing anything tonight?’ and she’ll be like, ‘No.'” So I’ll say that I’m going to go open the Uber app and see if anyone needs a ride.”

As if all of that wasn’t enough, he is also in his 2nd year as the NFL’s vice president of the policy and rules administration.
So next time you are in the Philly area and your Uber driver asks you “how about them Eagles?”, be careful how you answer. Cause you never know who is behind the wheel…



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