Daddy's Diaper Bag 2.0: Enter The Storksak

So I had been using a military style backpack as my “tactical diaper bag. It was very utilitarian and got the job done, but sometimes looked a bit to informal for many social environments. It was also very heavy and cumbersome for my wife to borrow.

I needed something that was still roomy enough to hold all Lil’ G-Man’s many accessories, had a sophisticated look and was hopefully not covered in pink polka-dots, My Little Pony’s or looked like it had a 12 round war with a Be-dazzler.

girly bag
The least possible “masculine” bag I could find!

Unfortunately, a previous back injury rules out the popular messenger style bags from my list of options.

Lucky for me, my wife convinced me to try the Storksak backpack and I gotta say: Storksak came to my rescue!


The Storksak backpack is made with a waterproof, durable and easy to clean, yet light weight nylon that keeps the bag light enough that my wife is able to use it without any difficulty.  My previous bag was also was so large that it was hard to find space for it in restaurants and other places when we went out. I feel like this bag would be as acceptable in an office or traveling for work as it is for a diaper bag.

There are no less than a million pockets that hold a ton of stuff. I was also worried about the size (thinking it was too small), but it’s perfect. My bag includes the changing pad (that comes with and is great for using when there aren’t changing tables in the men’s room), a handful of diapers, wipes, a doggy pee pad for an additional changing table surface, two back-up outfits, a silicone bib, multiple cotton bibs (someone drools a lot), multiple spoons and pacifiers, a few toys for keeping the baby busy while out, Kleenex, a swiss army knife, my wallet, my keys and my cell phone. It even has a big pocket in the back for a tablet. My MacBook Air even fits in the big pocket!

Out with the old. In with the new!


I was skeptical of the price, but after using this bag for the past month or so, it’s worth every penny! I use it multiple times a day, so if you look at a cost-per-use, it’s pretty much pennies a day since I’m planning to use this for a while.

I am so glad we made the purchase…especially now that my wife is talking about wanting another little “family expansion pack”. Sounds like Geeky Daddy and his Storksak backpack will be doing diapers for a good long time!



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