Top 5 Times Nazis Got Punched In The Face

There are better things to watch than Nazis getting punched in the face…I’m assuming. I just can’t think of any at the moment.

Have you performed your civic duty?

Unfortunately it seems like you can’t turn on the TV or go online anymore without hearing about Nazis these days.

I think Indiana Jones summed up my thoughts on these guys pretty well when he said:

Thinking about these douches just annoys me but I decided to turn my frown upside down and post my…

TOP 5 TIMES A NAZI GOT PUNCHED IN THE FACE (or got their butts kicked)!

5: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #240 DC COMICS Gerry Conway, Jose Delbo, Joe Giella, Ben Oda, Gerry Serp

How can you not love Wonder Woman? She’s smart, powerful, heroic and gorgeous (just like Geeky Mommie). In her recent successful feature film (portrayed by Israeli actress Gal Gadot), we saw Wonder Woman kick WWI Germany’s pre-Nazi butt back to Deutschland.


In this Wonder Woman comic from 1978, we see her exercising some real feminist movement action by punching Nazi Siegfried The Speedster through a glass window!

4: Indiana Jones vs. Nazi Mechanic

Indiana Jones has had more run-ins with Nazis than the ACLU.

One of his most memorable is from his original movie Raiders of the Lost Ark where he showed us all that there is more to winning a fight than just a strong physique…there are also airplane propellers!

3: Raphael Knocks Out Hitler

TMNT Adventures #64 NICKELODEON Barry Grossman, Brian Thomas, Dean Clarrain, Gary Fields

In the Archie Comics series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, the pizza loving quartet found themselves in many crazy situations. None more so than a time traveling excursion against a robot Hitler controlled by the real Hitler’s brain that also happened to control the Time Slip Machine that also…ahh, never mind.

Let’s not try to apply logic to figure out a plot to a storyline involving mutated talking ninja turtles. Just enjoy the visual.

2. Magneto Kills Some Nazis In South America

Magneto has his flaws (such as that whole wanting to wage war on homo-sapiens thing), but he has his merits as well.


Here we see him making the long trek to South America shortly after World War II to meet up with some Fascists for a lager and politely explain to them the errors in the way of thinking….and kill them of course.


1: Captain America Decks Hitler

cap punches Hitler

You know this was going to be #1.

Originally published in March of 1941 (nine months prior to the United State entrance into World War II), introducing Captain America to the world by having him deck Der Fuhrer was a risky move for Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.

Not only was there a tremendous isolationists movement in the country (spearheaded by titans of industry such as Henry Ford and William Randolph Hearst), but there was also strong a Pro Nazi movement, as evidenced by the Nazi rally held in New York City at Madison Square Garden in 1939

Kirby and Simon received threatening letters and even death threats for their daring cover, but Jack Kirby didn’t care. As I previously wrote, he was kind of the Honey badger of his day. 

jack Kirby

After entering the army, he used his artistic ability as an advance scout (drawing pictures of enemy positions and emplacements), was involved in liberating concentration camps and even tried to fight some pro-Fascist in the lobby of the Marvel Comics office!

What do you think of my list?

What is your favorite Nazi encounter?

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