A Fully Furnished 1989 FBI Surveillance Van Just Sold At Auction And It Is Just As Awesome As You’d Expect!

We have all seen those unmarked FBI surveillance vans, chuck full of VCR’s, tape recorders and hidden cameras, in movies like Donnie Brasco, American Gangster and Goodfellas.

goodfellas meme

And, like me, you have probably thought about how cool it would be to own one!

Heck, I’ve thought about it so much that the name on my home wi-fi is “FBISurveillanceVan1”. It really confuses friends whenever neighbors have contractors working on their houses!

Well, thanks to ebay, some lucky dude just became the proud owner of a fully functioning, near mint condition 1989 Dodge Ram FBI Surveillance van!

The FBI of the late 1980’s thought of everything that they may need on a long stakeout, from various recording devices to exterior cameras to a periscope port to heavy duty locks on the doors. Even a working toilet!

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 8.35.34 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 8.37.33 PM

The North Carolina based seller claims that the van was used on official FBI surveillance and even still contains some recorded tapes inside! (Not sure how legal that is…)

The winning bid for the van came in a whopping $18,700 from a private buyer.




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