Now Your Little Padawan Can Head To Tosche Station For Power Converters In Style!

With San Diego Comic-Con in full swing, we are now getting sneak peeks at the new toys and merchandise coming out this Fall.

Stars wars kid landspeeder
You could outrun any sand people with the X-34!


Leading the pack is this incredibly awesome X-34 Land Speeder by Radio Flyer!

Whether heading down to Tosche Station for some power converters, fleeing roaring sand people or just taking a date out for Kool-Aid, this X-34 Speeder has you covered!

The Landspeeder features an interactive dashboard with light-up buttons and sounds taken from the original Star Wars movie, and in addition to two forward speeds (2mph and 5mph) it can also go in reverse.

“Want to swing by the Cantina for some Kool-Aids?”

Powered by a rechargeable 12-volt battery, this non-floating landspeeder will be available exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us after September 5th at an astonishing price of $500!

The price may seem a bit high. Ever since the XP38 came out, they just aren’t in demand…

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