Geeky Daddy Hack: Amazing Way To Keep Your Speedy Army Crawler Safe!

So Lil’ G-Man brought home another pathogen from the daycare last week. I have yet to see convincing evidence that the “daycare” is not a secret military black site where they are testing new biological weaponry…

Anyway, G is making a strong comeback and is back to setting new world speed records in army crawling. However, a week later, Geeky Daddy is still fighting off the plague that was brought into our home.

“Sorry Daddy”

This results in me simply not having the energy to chase him down every time he crawls off the padded play mat and onto the hardwood floor. I needed a quick and easy way to keep Lil’ G-Man from cracking his head against the floor, fireplace or any other hard objects (in spite of major baby proofing already!).

So I had to think: What would MacGyver do?

mac 2


Enter the easy to assemble Geeky Daddy Play Pen for under $30!

play pen


All you need is an inflatable pool, a hairdryer, some blue painters tape and a pop/soda bottle (Coke if you are in the Greater Atlanta area). I prefer Mt. Dew due to the higher caffeine content!

Tools for Quickly Inflating a Pool

Step 1: Drink the contents of the pop bottle

Nectar of the gods!

Step 2. Using a razor blade, cut the pop bottle in half around the equator. (Keep the cut above the bar code and you can still return it for the 10 cent refund if you live in Michigan.)

Step 3. Using the blue painters tape (because it won’t leave a glue residue behind), tape the top of the pop bottle to the hair dryer as shown. Keep the hairdryer on “cool” so the plastic bottle won’t melt.

Step 4: Inflate the walls of the pool starting with the bottom level and working your way up. We chose this pool because it has 22″ tall walls.


Step 5: Inspect the floor of the pool for any plastic shavings of particles from manufacturing that may have fallen in. I vacuumed mine because there were some tiny rubberish pieces.

Step 6: Insert baby (face down) into the pool along with some baby toys.

Step 7: Sit on your recliner, pop open a cold one and congratulate yourself on a job well done, knowing that Richard Dean Anderson would be proud of you!!

(Obviously, you still should never leave your baby unattended, but at least this way you can relax knowing they are not going to crack their head on anything too hard.)

We have a padded playmate that I left beneath the pool. This keeps the floor of the pool soft. If you have a carpeted area, this is probably unnecessary.


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