Monday Morning Meme Me With Grayson For June 26th

Merry Monday everyone!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

The Geeky Family was super busy this weekend.

Lil G started swim lessons, we had a surprise brunch for our friend Amber who is moving to California, 30th birthday party for our friend Mallory and completed a MURPH workout (with the help of our Lille Baby carrier and jogging stroller)! I’m tired just writing all that.

Well, without further ado, here are the options for this week’s Monday Morning Meme Me With Grayson:

Option A

Meme Monday June 26th 1

Option B

meme June 26th 2

Option C

meme June 26th 3

Option D

meme June 26th 4

And last week’s winner

meme jun 19th 2

Comment below with your choice for this week’s winner or write in your own idea.

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